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The Monday Snapshot – Hillbilly Edition

Well, 6 weeks ago I wrote about my front tooth that Harvey had injured with an insanely painful head-butt at church one day. We were giving it time to hopefully heal on its own, but a couple of weeks later he head-butted me AGAIN while we were at music in the park. I instantly burst into […]

Under Pressure?

Last week I laid on my couch, relaxing deep into my first self-hypnosis session of HypnoBabies for this pregnancy, and I was suddenly struck by this feeling of being under pressure. It’s an odd feeling, because I felt so calm & confident going into my first birth, and I had such a good experience… but now […]

Open, Relax, Release, Peace

This post is my contribution to PAIL’s October 2012 Monthly Theme on Birth Stories. The prompts on this month’s theme asked readers to explore how their birth experience(s) affected their parenting and future plans. I already wrote out my daughter’s birth story in a LONG three part series here right after she was born nearly two years ago. […]

HypnoBabies Recap

I’ve mentioned before that for our birthing time, we are planning on using the hypnobabies method. To learn more about it, click here. I’ve had a few of you email me and ask for my thoughts and opinions on the class and method in general, so here it goes! I’ll write another post with my […]