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Phew… so the insurance conundrum is an ongoing issue here, and really, most of it won’t be resolved until AFTER little man comes, because so much of it is dependent upon when he comes and what my stupid insurance actually ends up covering (if anything). This will be super boring for y’all, but I need to write […]

Another Rant Against American Health Care

…or the lack thereof. AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! This morning as I was nursing Stella before heading to town for her one month checkup, I received a phone call from my health insurance agent. First off, I am NOT happy with this guy. Throughout my pregnancy with Stella, I was on a state insurance program that would cover […]

Insurance can suck it…

An addendum to TVT: I just love how my “covered” ultrasound at 20w is still going to cost us $254.91. I guess it could have been worse (without insurance the charge was $455), but c’mon… how is that COVERING something?! #@^&*(%# insurance.

Money Money Mon-ey

This song has been running through my mind lately. Doesn’t it for everyone? Money is such a annoying problem in life… the problem is always there, even when the money is not, and I feel like IF issues just exacerbate or highlight this. So many of us spends hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands…just […]

A Little Bit of Everything

Birthdays – Births – Awards – Insurance – Morning Sickness Wanna guess which topics excite me and which ones suck? 🙂 First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to three of my favorite people in the world!!! (1) Little brother T. He turns 20 today, and is an absolutely amazing guy. Love him so much! Poor kid just went through a […]

Initial Testing Costs (tentative)

Okay, I know y’all are dying to hear if I went with vaginal suppositories or a big ass needle… thanks to your recommendations (thank you!!) plus a lot of phone tag and frustrations and cost considerations, I ended up going with the default of what my nurse had already called in before the clinic closed […]

Great CC.RM Blog – with Links

Wow…Thanks to Amanda who send me the link, I spent the last few hours reading through My CC.RM IVF Journey. “Auntie Em” is currently pupo (6dp5dt) after cycling at CC.RM, and her blog is a wealth of knowledge about CC.RM and Dr. Sur.rey. She documented protocols, clinic photos, costs, everything. She also has links to others […]

CD1 – On to Bigger & Better (more expensive) Things

Well, I didn’t have much hope because this doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen “naturally” for us, but it’s official today – no surprise BFP just before we take the step to talk to an RE on the 26th. My temps were all over the place this past cycle. I’m not sure if that’s […]

An IF Update, Among Other Things

Hey folks! I know I haven’t been talking much about TTC on here lately, but since we’ve been in MN for the past couple of weeks, my updates have pretty much been from my phone. I just got my computer back (added a ton of RAM and space – THANK GOODNESS, it’s so much faster)… […]


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but we tried to switch to a new insurance company this past month. We’ve been with Assurant for years, and as of September our rate lock expired and our premiums were going up a gazillion percent (32% if I remember right – from $375 or so […]

Insurance Hell

I hate the I have to pay money to conceive a child.I hate the money we’ve already spent on this journey.I hate that a major deal at work for me just fell through and that it means we have much less in our pocketbook to pay the bills with.I hate that I just got a […]

The High Cost of TTC

Okay, I’m in a slightly better frame of mind today about this whole TTC mess, but I just wanted to expound a bit on my frustration with feeling like I’m going to drive my husband and I crazy while trying to pay the daily bills AND pay to hopefully have a child. I am an IF […]

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?!

I really do not understand how people in our country can claim that our healthcare system is okay and that we don’t NEED this reform. Here’s what I found out today about our “awesome” plan through Assurant Health. We pay $400/month for the two of us, and that amount supposedly includes maternity coverage. We have […]