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Choosing a Clinic & RE

I’ve had a few blog friends writing lately about wondering how to best choose a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist – basically, a fertility specialist), so I figured I should write up our process just to have it out there for those who are googling! For us, we live in an area withΒ zero REs. Literally zero. The […]

Going Steady with RockStar

One year ago today I posted this picture and a comment about my hubby’s sperm: PLEASE GOD let just one decide that he and rockstar egg should go steady.  We are so, so blessed that Stella is now a part of our lives.

One Year Ago Today…

I gave myself my first menopur shot of our IUI cycle that resulted in the little girl sitting next to me this morning. Wow. So much can change in a year!

My Miracle IUI Baby

Stella has started noticing the mobile on her swing, and she LOOOOVES it. So cute. πŸ™‚ I bought this onesie back when I found out I was pregnant with her. It’s still the only piece of clothing I’ve bought for her, so I figured I should get a pic of her in it! My miracle […]

Money Money Mon-ey

This song has been running through my mind lately. Doesn’t it for everyone? Money is such a annoying problem in life… the problem is always there, even when the money is not, and I feel like IF issues just exacerbate or highlight this. So many of us spends hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands…just […]

Beta #2

2nd Beta 04/16/11 – 267 Well, it didn’t double, but they want at least a 66% raise, and mine went up 71%, so the nurse said they consider that “good.” I have mixed emotions right now (was so hoping for a true doubling), but I know I need to just be grateful that it’s in […]


…that was my first thought at 5:45am on Tuesday morning after taking my BBT, seeing it rise, and deciding to POAS. Then I promptly texted Amanda and said, “A super faint 2nd line is a line is a line (yes, I repeated b/c I was freaking out) at 12dpo right?!?!?! HFS shaking so badly right […]

Post IUI#1 Misc. Thoughts

~I’m afraid to sneeze…and I know that’s ridiculous.~I’m afraid to pee…and I know that’s ridiculous too.~I’m grateful that they told me about 100 times how awesome DH’s sample was.Above and beyond. Excellent. Really impressive. All terms they used when going over the thaw results. I’m pulling these numbers from my head so they might be slightly off, but […]

Follie Check #4 / Lefse Rocks!

It seems like a good day for bullet points, doesn’t it? No? Well, it does to me. πŸ™‚ *I have 120 followers. Wow. You guys are awesome! It never occurred to me when I started blogging that more than a handful of people would bother to follow along.*I’m going to take that number as a […]

Follie Check #3 / Injections in Odd Places :-)

Hey folks! Sorry for the radio silence over here. I’ve been going in every morning for monitoring ultrasounds and blood work, but since I don’t get the blood work results until the afternoon, I end up getting behind on the update. At any rate, yesterday my largest follie was up to 16mm (up about 1mm). […]

Follie Check #2 / HSA Tax Deductions!

Well, this morning was a bit of a clusterfuck because I forgot to bring my orders with me and neither the clinic (where my u/s was) nor the hospital (bloodwork) had a copy. To top it off, I had it in my email, but they can’t get/print emails at either place. How archaic is that?! […]

Follie Check #1 / Dentist visits while on Fertility Meds

Well, it’s CD11 and so far I’ve taken five 100mg pills of Clomid and given myself two 75iu shots of Menopur. I went in for my first follie check this morning, which sadly required me being up at a ridiculous hour. When the admissions lady, the ultrasound tech, and the lab tech all exclaim You’re here […]

Wishing & Hoping

If you’re here from ICLW, please click here for my intro post or click through the tabs up top for our TTC journey! Here we go – round #1, shot #1! This is a 5 minute video, and probably pretty boring for most of you, but I wanted to document my first shot. πŸ™‚ If […]

Ready? Set? Go!

Yippee!! I’m so incredibly scared excited to start my shots today! It’s CD9, which means that this morning I’m taking my 5th and final dose of 100mg Clomid and this evening I’m shooting myself up with my first day of Menopur. C’mon follies, grow! πŸ™‚ What I’ll need to use today for the shot. πŸ™‚  Also […]

Saturday, March 19th was a good day!

At 2am, my little brother (who has been here snowboarding for the past 6 days) and his college roommate took off for home – and 18 hrs later, texted that they’d made it safely home in record time. It was so great to have him here all week!!  Then we Skyped with our adorable nephew […]

Green Light!

Yippee!! My CD2 ultrasound went great yesterday – my lining was 2.5mm, everything looked good, and there were no cysts on my ovaries.My E2 came back at 53 – they prefer under 50, but that number was fine with my RE b/c of my PCOS. Basically, we got the green light! On Saturday I’ll start […]