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Day 3, #NaBloPoMo – No Regrets

The blogging prompt for today that I saw was the following: If you could be completely honest with no regrets, what would you say and to whom? Um, there is a lot I could write in response to that, but not when I’m putting it out there on the world wide web for all to […]

Alternate Realities

I am suddenly feeling as if the last week has thrust me into an alternate reality. One week ago, I had interviewed for a new job, and I was praying they gave me a good offer (well, any offer at all), and last Friday they offered me the job. It wasn’t for as much money […]

A Blessing of a Job

Dude, sorry for the ridiculous cleavage shot. Stella and Daddy stopped by my office last week…apparently she pulled my shirt down a bit! As you are reading this, I am starting my 9th week of postpartum work. That means I’ve officially been a “working Mom” (8wks) for as long as I was a SAHM (8wks). […]

Day 1 – Done. We Survived!

Well, I survived my first day away from Stella!! I won’t say it was my first day of work, because the past eight weeks have been filled with the hardest, most time-consuming work I’ve ever experienced. However, it was my first day of work that didn’t include caring for Stella 24/7, and that was definitely […]

I Wanted This, Right?

As those of you who have been following me for awhile know, my job situation has been a bit unsteady over the past couple of years. I was an international business major in college, and then accidentally moved to small town America and had to kind of throw that career path out the window. In […]