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Back with a Vengeance

My husband has taken to the (very old man) habit of writing down the daily snowfall amounts on our kitchen calendar. In November and December it was definitely an interesting pursuit, but since he last wrote “2 inches” on January first, we had not had ANY appreciable snow (and maybe one dusting that didn’t stick […]

This is 3: On Sharing a Bedroom

STELLA JOAN. What are you doing in your brother’s crib? Get back in your bed RIGHT.NOW. It is 8:30pm, and I am 20 minutes into my workout in the downstairs living room. I am solo parenting because my husband is out of town on vacation, and I had stopped & muted the TV because I […]

The Monday Snapshot – Sunny Days Edition

We are definitely not used to seeing 60 degrees and sunny in the beginning of February in the mountains of Colorado, but the kids sure are happy about it! (PS, words can’t explain how happy it makes me to see Jaime’s bench in the background of all of my park pictures. The only thing better […]

The Monday Snapshot – Big Helper Edition

Stella LOVES to help Harvey with…well, everything. Sometimes the help is appreciated, sometimes not so much, but it’s always pretty darn cute. 🙂

On Sick Kids & Bodily Fluids

HOLY HELL PEOPLE. Did you know that as miserable as it is to be sick, it’s 100xxxxxx times worse to have both of your innocent, confused children spewing forth fluids from both ends? Today I woke up nervous because it was a *BIGDAY* at work. Meaning – there is a huge project implementation that is […]

The Monday Snapshot – Lounging Edition

Two under the weather kids + cold outdoor temps = lots of lounging and movie watching over the past 48 hours…and honestly? I’m okay with that. ❤

The Monday Snapshot – Sledding Fun

We went from having zero snow on Saturday afternoon to about 9″ by Sunday afternoon. I think the kids liked it, don’t you? 🙂 Video of the ensuing wipeout can be found here. LMAO.

Late Season Walks

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard for me to motivate to take the kids on long walks when it’s cold out. I live in the middle of the mountains in Colorado at about 7,000′ elevation, and usually when it snows here, it really snows. Getting that bundled up to struggle to push a double stroller through […]

The Shared Bedroom

On Sunday, June 8th, we started the transition of moving Harvey out of our room (where he generally slept in the co-sleeper and/or our bed) and moved him instead to his crib to start the night. He was just 4 days shy of 5 months old, so it’s not exactly noteworthy to most people, except […]

Rocketships to Heaven

The last few weeks have kicked my ass. I just finished my 3rd week of trying to do 80 hours of work in half the time (it’s impossible, by the way), and I’m floundering. My coworker (and good friend) had her baby 3 weeks ago, and during her 8 week maternity leave, I’m covering her […]

The Monday Snapshot – Halloween Comparison Photo Edition

You know me, always up for some good comparison photos. 🙂

WWW – Kids Edition

So I honestly had no intentions of writing a post today because I’m pretty much in a holding pattern in the high 150s for now, and that’s pretty boring to write about. 🙂 Then this morning, Stella was digging through the closet in the guest bedroom for a toy and found my yoga mat. She […]

The Monday Snapshot – Sick Parents Ed.

I had a ton of fun pictures from last weekend that I was going to share today, but then I woke up in the middle of the night with full body shakes & shivers, general body aches, horrible back pain, a fever, nausea – you name it, I had it. Then Charlie got up at […]

From 3 to 4

It’s so fun to see how much can change in just one year…

Shared Bedroom Photos

I still want to work on writing up a post about HOW we did the transition to a shared bedroom for the kids. Honestly, it has gone pretty smoothly over the past three months – much less difficult than I was anticipating, thank goodness. Until then, here are a few photos that I took a couple of […]

Sibling Love

I still struggle with knowing whether or not we are done having kids, though since I’ve been giving all of our baby stuff away, I’m pretty sure the reality is that we are done with two. That being said, I was 1 of 5 kids in my family and Charlie was 1 of 3, so […]

Fall Colors, Then & Now

4 years ago my parents were here for a visit during the peak of fall colors, so we did a lot of driving around the area, oohing and aahing over the beautiful trees. My Mom took this picture of Charlie and I on a particularly beautiful stretch of road, and we actually ended up using […]


It’s 7pm on a Wednesday night, and our house is still full of friends and their children because of an impromptu dinner party. Harvey’s teeth are hurting him & he missed his late afternoon snooze because of the dinner party, so even though it’s an hour before bedtime, I know he needs to go to […]

The Puking Kid

You know that time that you gave your kid cottage cheese and milk for breakfast, even though you KNEW it was a bad idea, just because she asked for it and you didn’t feel like arguing about it? Yeah, and then she puked it all over the counter and cried? That was my morning. **** […]

The Monday Snapshot – Grocery Store Fun

Last Wednesday on my “day off” I had about 8 million errands to run. I was gone for 9 hours, drove 200 miles, and stopped at 9 different establishments, all with 2 kids in tow. EEP! Thankfully the kids did great, and when we walked into the grocery store about 3pm, Stella talked me into using […]

8 Months

Stella snapped this photo with my DSLR tonight when we were taking a break from our monthly photo shoot pictures for Harvey’s 8 Month Post. Harvey was losing his mind and it was a bit of a shit show, so I decided to nurse him for a sec to try to calm him down. I […]

Proper Motivation

I have a ton I need to write on sleep regarding both kids (aka – trying to get Harv to sleep through the night more often, how to get Stella to not wake up crying & afraid in her big girl bed, and how sharing a room is going), but I just had to share […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hikers Edition

My new hard disk arrived today so I’m hoping to get my computer back up and running on Wednesday when I have the day off, but in the meantime I’m just emailing myself a few photos from my phone to keep in touch with ppl via FB/blogging/etc. On Saturday we attempted a family hike, and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Travelers Edition

Well, this morning is back to real life for us! Thankfully the kids were amazing travelers yesterday like usual, so things went well through a very long day of traveling solo with them both. That completed Stella’s 8th trip and Harvey’s 2nd, so they have 32 and 8 flights under their belts respectively. It’s pretty […]

The Monday Snapshot –

We had another busy summer weekend full of birthday parties and long family walks, softball games and church services, but the one constant was how much fun these two were to be around. Damn I love my kids.