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This is 3: On Backseat Drivers

Yes, Stella. I know that red means stop. You don’t need to keep telling me that. We are 30 minutes into our 300 mile drive to Denver for a girls’ trip last weekend, and already Stella is becoming her trusty backseat driver self as soon as we got to the first town with stoplights. Ever […]

The Monday Snapshot – Girls Weekend

I’m probably going to do an entire recap of this past weekend on my family blog, but suffice it to say that this past weekend was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. It was the first time I’ve done a trip with just Stella since Harvey was born, and it was SO fun to spend some quality time with […]

This is 3: On Kids & Swearing

Stella, we do not say that word, okay? It is not a nice word, and it is not okay for kids to say that word, do you understand me? It is 8am, and I have just heard a pretty shocking word come out of my child’s mouth. My husband has been harping on me for years […]

This is 3: On Bathroom Privacy

Stella, I just need some privacy right now, okay? I am in the bathroom, wanting to pee in privacy for just one minute. Thankfully, Stella acquiesces. Since being potty trained around 18 months, she has always liked her space in the bathroom. This means she also (usually) gives us our space when it’s requested. I’m […]

This is 3: On Choosing an Outfit

But Stella, don’t you want to wear these dark jeans? These are great pants! I am in the kids’ bedroom, negotiating for what feels like the millionth time what my 3 year old will wear that day. If I’m on the ball, I try to pick out her outfit and bring it to her in another […]

This is 3: Who was in the wrong again?

STELLA JOAN. PUT YOUR ARMS BACK THROUGH YOUR STRAPS AND BUCKLE THAT CLIP RIGHT NOW! I am in our car, driving home with both kids in the back seat. It’s dark out, yet I can suddenly see Stella’s hands reaching forward between the front seats – a feat which should not have been possible if […]

The Monday Snapshot – S is for STELLA!

Stella’s Nana has really been on a roll with outfits lately. First she bought her a purple sparkly dress last Wednesday that Stella proceeded to wear on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 🙂 Then on Sunday after church, we went up to their house to watch the football game, and there my MIL pulled out a pink superhero outfit. […]

The Monday Snapshot – Fearless Edition

Stella has always been a very cautious child. She is a social butterfly and very outgoing, but she has also always been very purposeful & thoughtful about her physical actions. This means that we have never really been helicopter parents with her at all because we knew that she was pretty darn good about knowing […]

What’s That Taste Like?

Lately Stella LOVES to talk about the things she smells around her, but she always asks us “what’s that taste?” when she means “what’s that smell?” We correct her, even though it’s adorable, but so far it has stuck in her vocabulary, and we kind of love it. 🙂 Last night we were on a family […]

I Wish I Had…

Stella’s latest thing is to very sweetly and forlornly say, “I wish I had…” about EVERYTHING. Sometimes it’s cute and sometimes it drives me nuts… I wish I had a cat like Nana. I wish I had [EVERYTHING AT TARGET]. I wish I had a pool in my yard like Grandma. I wish I had […]

The Monday Snapshot – Flowers Edition

Stella has been enamored with flowers lately, just like her Auntie Jaime was. I know that it is customary for people to often send flowers after a death, but in Jaime’s case it went beyond the standard bouquets. People knew how much she loved flowers (the florist told us she’d often walk in just to […]

They’re Always Watching

I have definitely felt lately like we’re at the height of the imitation phase with Stella. Everything I do, she wants to do, and I realized today that extends to working out (DUH, right?). I had planned on doing Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred during nap time (have I mentioned yet that my […]

Quite the (Birth)Day

Well, the birthday party went well yesterday. We have a tiny house, and it was cold as shit outside (12 degrees and it felt like 1 degree) so nobody could be on the back deck so there were 23 people (17 adults / 6 kids) crammed into our little living area, but overall, it honestly […]


Two years ago today was the best day of my life. Two years ago today Stella came into this world at 2:12 am and our lives haven’t been the same since. 🙂 We are beyond blessed to have this little lady in our lives, purple sparkly dresses and all! (You can read my final monthly letter […]

The Monday Snapshot – Chai Tea Party Ed

In our house, Stella drinks water & organic milk only. No sugary juices or sodas, no other crazy stuff. I mean, really, milk & water is all you need as a kid. However, lately we’ve been noticing that her tea parties are always “chai tea” parties, and when her Nana picked her up the other […]

The Monday Snapshot – You Turn Your Back for a Second…

Yesterday I was totally zoned out on innocently watching Property Brothers (ohmygodilovethatshow), and Stella said “Mommy, my ball!” I mumbled something like “yep honey, get your ball!”… and ya, I’m ashamed to admit that’s about it. No head turn to see what she was doing. No wondering “what about that darn ball?” Well, a few minutes later […]

The Monday Snapshot – Photobomb Edition

Every time that Stella hears my camera shutter go off, she comes running into the room to join in the action. When I take my weekly or monthly belly pictures is no exception – and in fact, they’re usually her favorite pictures to photobomb. 🙂  She tends to stand demurely in the background for 3-4 shots […]

The Monday Snapshot – Pumpkin Flashbacks

My Facebook feed is absolutely overflowing with cute little pictures of kids and pumpkins lately. During our TTC years, it was one of the most painful times for me, and now I’m gladly contributing to it, because KIDS! PUMPKINS! SCARECROWS! SO CUTE! *sigh* It’s always such a conflicting feeling to be a part of something […]

The Monday Snapshot – Photo Booth Edition

I have SO many fun pictures from the past week that it was really hard for me to choose just one for the Snapshot today. Stella had a horrid rash last week (possibly HFM?) that covered most of her body, and the pictures are truly impressive of it — but do I really want to […]

Wordless Wednesday – Cowgirl Edition

Wordless Wednesday – 1st Pain au Chocolat Edition

The Monday Snapshot – Photo Books & Long Walks

So I finally got motivated to catch up on my photo albums, and the 2011 Yearbook is done! I might do a couple of last minute tweaks before printing (I’m not a huge fan of the cover photo for instance), but for the most part, it’s ready to print, which is a HUGE relief for me. […]

Wordless Wednesday – Pool Party Edition

The Monday Snapshot – The Highs & The Lows

We just had an awesome four days in Minnesota with my entire family, and I hope to get a chance to post more about that later, but in the meantime I’m cuddling in bed watching Curious George with my sickly, sad toddler. She’s got a raging fever (102.9), horrid cough, and obviously feels like crap. […]

The Monday Snapshot – Underwear Lover

Well, the potty training continues to go pretty amazingly well! I know that every kid is different and that this isn’t necessarily the norm, but somehow I *knock on wood* think we’ve hit the sweet spot in timing for Stella with this particular life event, and … ya, we are stoked. Since I wrote my […]