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Stella’s Birth Story – Part 3

Part 1Part 2 After her birth, poor Stella had a pretty oblong skull and a hematoma on the top of her head from where she’d been banging against my pelvis for so long, so we opted to do the Vitamin K shot to help with blood coagulation (which they didn’t do immediately, but waited until […]

Stella’s Birth Story – Part 2

For Part 1, click here! Part one lasted about 2 1/2 – 3 hours, and in that time, I went through the entire first phase of labor…at home!  Part 2 is all about the pushing (not to mention my amazing support system).  ————————————————– 12:15am – When we arrived at the hospital and the midwife told […]

Stella’s Birth Story – Part 1

Wow. It is so surreal to me to realize everything that has transpired in the past few days. On Wednesday morning when I wrote asking for help choosing potential boy names, we had ZERO indication that I was anywhere close to having this child. In fact, I also wrote a post on my family blog […]

A New App

For as much time as I spend on the computer, I’m a pretty technologically savvy person, but I’m fairly behind the times when it comes to phones. I had a droid for awhile (until I shattered the touch screen) so now I’m back to my trusty blackberry. I’m not a fan of the phone really, […]

HypnoBabies Recap

I’ve mentioned before that for our birthing time, we are planning on using the hypnobabies method. To learn more about it, click here. I’ve had a few of you email me and ask for my thoughts and opinions on the class and method in general, so here it goes! I’ll write another post with my […]

Birth Preferences – Revised

Like I mentioned yesterday, my midwife (CNM) and I went through everything below, step by step, and she had a lot of incredibly positive feedback for me. Shawna told me that honestly, if she is my midwife, I wouldn’t even need to bring this because it’s exactly how she prefers to see births proceed. She […]

Let’s Get It Started

Oh my gosh – I just clicked on a link to this article from my hypnobabies website, and I about died laughing. Enjoy the video below… 🙂

Birth Preferences…Revision 1

I’m sure this will keep evolving, but for those who are interested (and for my own records), here is the first revision of my thoughts! ————————– FYI for my readers, this will be a hospital birth, but that birth will be attended by my midwife – not an OB – unless an emergency c-section is necessary. My […]

Midwives & Morning Sickness, 7w4d

Well, on the up side, small amounts of kombucha & beet kvass have been a lifesaver. I still have nausea most of the day, but I’m able to function at least a little. On the flip side, I’m still routinely puking at least a couple times a day. Yay. Peppermint hard candies have also helped, […]