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Growing Up…

Last Friday Stella had her first “twin day” at school, and she was beyond excited about it. Even though we had been talking all week about the coordination of the outfits, that morning she requested I take a picture of her from every single angle to text to her friend’s Mom to make sure the girls would match […]

The Monday Snapshot – Tantrums

For the last month or so we have been unfortunately venturing back into the world of the almighty tantrum. HOLY HELL I forgot how much I dislike this age with my children. Obviously, disclaimer, I love my kids, blah blah blah… but right now, I can love Harvey without actually enjoying his company very much. He has some […]

MMM – Hairstyles Edition

Over the weekend I went in for a cut & color, and I am so not happy with how it turned out. Ugh. *Random side note – everyone that complimented me on my hair in my Stitch Fix post on Friday cracked me up. I had just made the effort to curl it for the first […]

MMM – These are a Few of My Favorite THings

Last weekend I got a Friday night dinner with my family & Saturday night date night with my hubby – both at our favorite restaurant in town. There’s something to be said for consistency, right? 😉


We just spent the weekend out of town at the house of some good friends of ours. Both the adults and the kids had an absolute blast hanging out for a few days, but sleeping in a different place definitely has us all a bit exhausted now. At least we don’t mind the cuddles when […]

The Monday Snapshot – Just Like Her Nana

Charlie’s mom (Nana) is one of my kids favorite people in the world, hands down. If she’s around, I’m chopped liver to them. 🙂 At any rate, yesterday we were hanging out at his parents’ house with some friends, so our kids took naps there. We went in to wake Stella up to leave, and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hairstyles Edition

I’ve realized over the past four years that I’m very much a pick your battles parent… as in, I choose which battles are worth the fighting, and to me, there are a lot that just aren’t worth the tears. Case in point – hair styles. Lately Stella LOVES to “do her hair” – which generally […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hiking Edition

On Saturday I did a gnarley hike up a 14,000’+ mountain (they’re called “fourteeners”) with my brother and three of our friends. About 1/3 of the way into the hike I was REALLY struggling mentally (and physically), and I really didn’t think I could do it, but my brother kept encouraging me to just take 10 […]

The Monday Snapshot – Excited Edition

YOU GUYS! I am blown away by the response to my PiYo / Running Challenge that I am starting next Monday. Seriously. I posted about it on my blog & on Facebook last Tuesday, and 20 of you contacted me. Of those 20, 4 people are already signed up, and 5 more of you are signing […]

The Monday Snapshot – Las Vegas Edition

Last Wednesday I got up at 3am and drove 600 miles to Las Vegas with two friends for the wedding of some good friends of ours. Vegas is SO far outside the realm of my normal life, but it was a fantastic time of hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, and having a total blast […]

The Monday Snapshot – Alpenglow Edition

I love this man & our lives together in Colorado. That is all.

The Monday Snapshot – The End of Summer

This past week the early mornings and late nights have suddenly turned cold and felt like fall, so we are spending the middle of the days soaking up every bit of sun we can before summer is gone!

The Monday Snapshot – Pool Time Editon

i just posted this on Instagram, but figured I should share it here as well! Vacation is so much fun. 🙂  After a crazy fun weekend with all of my siblings and extended family, only my kids and I are left at my parent’s house for the next week. My mason jar salads are prepped, my workout […]

The Monday Snapshot – Anniversary Weekend Edition

On Saturday night, we had my brother babysit the kids and we went out for dinner at our favorite local restaurant to celebrate 7 years of marriage together. We ended up closing the place down (at 9pm) and then drinking with the owners until after 11. It was so fun to sit and chat with […]

The Monday Snapshot – Rafting Edition

Man did we have a great time on Stella & Harvey’s first rafting trip! See more pics here. 

The Monday Snapshot – #LoveWins

Last Friday I was at a work conference a couple of hours from home, and when I checked my phone during one of the breaks, I saw post after post on both my Twitter and Facebook timelines filled with joyous words and celebration about the SCOTUS decision. Love is love, and now everyone has the […]

The Monday Snapshot – Family Edition

This Saturday marks what would have been Jaime’s 29th birthday. Okay, I just freaked out and double checked my numbers because it seems crazy to think she would have been that old since she was 27 when she died. Weird. At any rate, Charlie’s brother and his wife and kids drove in from MN for […]

The Monday Snapshot – Relaxing Edition

Well, my life feels far from relaxed right now, and it’s killing me that I haven’t had time to sit down and write some proper blog posts lately, but at least I think my 24 year old brother is feeling relaxed in his new home with us for the summer. 🙂

The Monday Snapshot – Scissors Edition

Yesterday, on Mother’s Day morning, I had my brother take a quick snapshot of us before church. It’s hard to get us all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, but we got a pretty cute one. Little did I know it’d be the last one of Stella with her long hair! […]

The Monday Snapshot – April Showers Bring May Flowers

Yesterday afternoon it started raining again, and Stella begged to put on her boots so she could go splash in the puddles. Harvey followed shortly behind. 🙂 They ended up playing with the sand in the horse shoe pits – WHILE it continued to rain on them. They didn’t seem to mind! Just after they […]

The Monday Snapshot – PAIL Edition

We just had a crazy busy weekend full of meals with friends and their kids, but man was it fun. These are the weekends that I try really hard to step back and just appreciate the journey and how much our lives have changed in the past 5 years. This pic is of my kids along […]

The Monday Snapshot – Mama’s Boy Edition

I had forgotten how tough this 15 month old stage is with a toddler who is quite physically adept but can’t talk. To be fair, Stella had quite a few more words than Harvey does at this point, but I think 15 months is universally difficult with kids because they’re learning so much every day […]

The Monday Snapshot – Springtime Edition

The weather is finally turning beautiful here again, and Charlie has been itching to start up our evening family walks. Last night at 5:15 it was still warm enough and light enough out to take a family walk to the park and to the ice cream shoppe. I think Harvey enjoyed his first ice cream […]

The Monday Snapshot – Jump!

At Christmastime we gave our Nanny a cash bonus, and she has a REALLY hard time accepting stuff like that. A few weeks later she showed up with a trampoline in the back of her jeep as a “joint Christmas/birthday gift for both kids.” Ha! It sat in our garage for months until I finally decided […]

The Monday Snapshot – Valentine’s Day Loves

Those of you who have been around here awhile know that Charlie and I are most definitely not big on celebrating Hallmark holidays. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day – you name it, we probably don’t celebrate it with anything more than a photo. (Because you KNOW I must have a photo!) Valentine’s Day is […]