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The Monday Snapshot – Mama’s Boy Edition

I had forgotten how tough this 15 month old stage is with a toddler who is quite physically adept but can’t talk. To be fair, Stella had quite a few more words than Harvey does at this point, but I think 15 months is universally difficult with kids because they’re learning so much every day […]

The Monday Snapshot – Springtime Edition

The weather is finally turning beautiful here again, and Charlie has been itching to start up our evening family walks. Last night at 5:15 it was still warm enough and light enough out to take a family walk to the park and to the ice cream shoppe. I think Harvey enjoyed his first ice cream […]

The Monday Snapshot – Jump!

At Christmastime we gave our Nanny a cash bonus, and she has a REALLY hard time accepting stuff like that. A few weeks later she showed up with a trampoline in the back of her jeep as a “joint Christmas/birthday gift for both kids.” Ha! It sat in our garage for months until I finally decided […]

The Monday Snapshot – Valentine’s Day Loves

Those of you who have been around here awhile know that Charlie and I are most definitely not big on celebrating Hallmark holidays. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day – you name it, we probably don’t celebrate it with anything more than a photo. (Because you KNOW I must have a photo!) Valentine’s Day is […]

The Monday Snapshot – Sunny Days Edition

We are definitely not used to seeing 60 degrees and sunny in the beginning of February in the mountains of Colorado, but the kids sure are happy about it! (PS, words can’t explain how happy it makes me to see Jaime’s bench in the background of all of my park pictures. The only thing better […]

The Monday Snapshot – Big Helper Edition

Stella LOVES to help Harvey with…well, everything. Sometimes the help is appreciated, sometimes not so much, but it’s always pretty darn cute. 🙂

The Monday Snapshot – One [1]

It’s completely incomprehensible to me that it’s been an entire year since this happened. And now we are celebrating the completion of this little man’s 1st year of life on this earth.

The Monday Snapshot – Lounging Edition

Two under the weather kids + cold outdoor temps = lots of lounging and movie watching over the past 48 hours…and honestly? I’m okay with that. <3

The Monday Snapshot – Sledding Fun

We went from having zero snow on Saturday afternoon to about 9″ by Sunday afternoon. I think the kids liked it, don’t you? 🙂 Video of the ensuing wipeout can be found here. LMAO.

The Monday Snapshot – Back to Reality

From last Tuesday – Saturday, my little sis and her husband were here. They are Godparents to both of our children, and the kids absolutely love them both. It was SO much fun to have them around for the Thanksgiving holiday and to get to spend some rare quality time with them. The kids agreed. […]

The Monday Snapshot – Forcing Thankfulness to the Forefront

Okay, I had a really, really shitty morning after a pretty crappy night. I even typed up an entire post about this shit-tastic morning. And then I deleted it. I’ve worked really hard at culling the negative friendships from my life the past few years (and by worked really hard, I mean I have let […]

The Monday Snapshot – Fun in the Snow Edition

Well, the big news of the weekend is that HARVEY IS WALKING! Not super confidently or routinely, but he’s already getting a kick out of taking 10 steps across the living room and then grinning at us from ear to ear when we clap and cheer. 🙂 So far I haven’t gotten a great video […]

The Monday Snapshot – S is for STELLA!

Stella’s Nana has really been on a roll with outfits lately. First she bought her a purple sparkly dress last Wednesday that Stella proceeded to wear on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 🙂 Then on Sunday after church, we went up to their house to watch the football game, and there my MIL pulled out a pink superhero outfit. […]

The Monday Snapshot – Sick Parents Ed.

I had a ton of fun pictures from last weekend that I was going to share today, but then I woke up in the middle of the night with full body shakes & shivers, general body aches, horrible back pain, a fever, nausea – you name it, I had it. Then Charlie got up at […]

The Monday Snapshot – Fearless Edition

Stella has always been a very cautious child. She is a social butterfly and very outgoing, but she has also always been very purposeful & thoughtful about her physical actions. This means that we have never really been helicopter parents with her at all because we knew that she was pretty darn good about knowing […]

The Monday Snapshot – Productive Weekend Edition

We had an incredibly productive weekend, and it feels so good! Saturday was absolutely gorgeous – I’m talking one of the nicest days I’ve ever seen in Colorado in my 10 years of living here. The fall colors are just brilliant this year, and the weather has been phenomenal along with them. Since the weather was […]

The Monday Snapshot – Busy Bee Edition

These pictures were all taken within a couple minutes of each other yesterday morning. He’s just so BUSY all the time lately, and he sure doesn’t care that I tell him to stay off the stairs!

The Monday Snapshot – Little Rocker Edition

Lately Harvey loves to stand around and head bang. No, seriously. He will stand and hold onto the couch, the stool, whatever is near him, and then head bang. Between the head banging and the spikey hair, he is totally our little rocker! When I was pregnant with Stella we always called her “Rockstar” because […]

The Monday Snapshot –

We had another busy summer weekend full of birthday parties and long family walks, softball games and church services, but the one constant was how much fun these two were to be around. Damn I love my kids.

The Monday Snapshot – Wedding Anniversary Thoughts

Last weekend Charlie and I took a quick weekend getaway with the kiddos to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. It’s incredible to think that we decided 5 years ago (on our first anniversary) to try to start a family, struggled & worried for nearly 2 years that it would never happen, and then 3 years ago I […]

The Monday Snapshot – Slip’n’Slide Edition

Showing Stella the ropes at our friend’s beach themed party last weekend. She wasn’t impressed. Harv laughed. #GoodTimes

The Monday Snapshot – Time Marches On (4th of July ed)

And here’s a recap on my family blog from 2005 to present!

The Monday Snapshot – Sitting Like a Boss

He is so happy to be able to sit up and play with his big sis now. 🙂

The Monday Snapshot – Hands & Hearts Full

Before we got married, our big argument was that I wanted 4 kids (I come from a family of 5 kids) and Charlie wanted 3 kids (he comes from a family of 3 kids). After all the troubles we went through to conceive Stella, we were stoked to have just one and beyond happy with 2. Then […]

The Monday Snapshot – Loose Ends Edition

I just wrote a check to pay off my dead SIL’s credit card balance. #ThingsThatSuck #ImNotTalkingAboutTheMoney