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Honoring Those Whom We Love

I’m not an incredibly sentimental person by nature, especially when it comes to holidays. I know I’ve mentioned it here before that we rarely celebrate holidays and birthdays in our home with more than a song or a hug (well, and a few gifts for the kids), and I am 100% okay with that. Mother’s […]

Blogging & Motherhood

So many of the infertility bloggers I have followed throughout the years have slowly dropped off over time – either from writing about their kids or from writing completely. Sometimes it’s┬ábecause of privacy concerns, and sometimes it’s because they feel too busy to write. People say they couldn’t possibly make the time to blog with […]

The Monday Snapshot – Mother’s Day Edition

I love looking back at past years to see how much has changed. Three years ago, I was happily on the way to Norway with my Mom and sisters, but I was also starting to realize just how screwed up my cycles were, and I was vacillating between some crazy hope and confusion. That next […]