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Honoring Those Whom We Love

I’m not an incredibly sentimental person by nature, especially when it comes to holidays. I know I’ve mentioned it here before that we rarely celebrate holidays and birthdays in our home with more than a song or a hug (well, and a few gifts for the kids), and I am 100% okay with that. Mother’s […]

Blogging & Motherhood

So many of the infertility bloggers I have followed throughout the years have slowly dropped off over time – either from writing about their kids or from writing completely. Sometimes it’s because of privacy concerns, and sometimes it’s because they feel too busy to write. People say they couldn’t possibly make the time to blog with […]

The Monday Snapshot – Mother’s Day Edition

I love looking back at past years to see how much has changed. Three years ago, I was happily on the way to Norway with my Mom and sisters, but I was also starting to realize just how screwed up my cycles were, and I was vacillating between some crazy hope and confusion. That next […]