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The Show

Yesterday my husband and brother and I were watching the football game when the kids came into the room and asked us to turn off the TV so they could do a show for us. Of course we obliged. ūüôā These are some of my favorite moments in parenting! <3

Day 27, #NaBloPoMo – Boys Can Wear Dresses Too

Ever since Harvey could walk, he wanted to be wherever his big sister was, doing whatever she was doing. He is a rough and tumble boy through and through, and he is obsessed with excavators and skid loaders and back hoes. He also LOVES to dress up in girly dresses and paint his nails. Almost […]

On Happiness from Within

I posted a link to this video on my Facebook page Thursday afternoon, and as of writing this post on Thursday night, it has ONE like and zero comments. My BFF who just had a baby in June was the only like. Here is what I wrote as a caption on the post: This resonates […]

Parenting without a Leash: Updated Thoughts

I let my 15 month old and 3 year old run around in our fenced in back yard without me all the time – am I really that different from the norm? (Maybe I am?) Over the years I have written a few different posts about my ideals of how I would handle everything from […]

What Kind of Parent am I? 2nd ed.

Two years ago I wrote¬†a post about what kind of parent I was, and a long time blog reader of mine happened upon it this week and asked for an update now that I have 2 kids and am 2 years further into this whole parenting¬†gig. She asked:¬†Are things all the exact same? Different? Has […]

The End of [the Daycare] Era

Well, never say never, but I’m pretty sure that Friday was Stella & Harvey’s final day at daycare! About 6 months ago I wrote a bit about my frustrations with the way our licensed home daycare provider had drastically changed the environment in her home by deciding to home school her 8 and 11 year […]

The Monday Snapshot – Mom of 2 Edition

Phew, we are 24 hours into this parenting of 2 gig, and so far it’s been an interesting transition. Stella has been great with Harvey, but she’s also on the edge of a meltdown at all times, and she is very much in a¬†mommy mommy mommy mode. This morning was fairly heartbreaking as we tried […]