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The Monday Snapshot – Fall Colors Edition

When Stella was 9 months old in the fall of 2012, I drove up the road about 5 miles outside of town to a pretty overlook from which one can always see some spectacular fall colors. I sat her on top of the roof of my car*, quickly took a couple of photos, and called it […]

A Labor of Love

Photo projects. I love them. I really, really love them. I don’t care if they’re high quality photos shot with my DSLR or a crappy cell phone pic taken on the fly. I love them…and almost every single time, I get to a point during the midst of them that I think what in the world […]

The Monday Snapshot – Fun in the Snow Edition

Well, the big news of the weekend is that HARVEY IS WALKING! Not super confidently or routinely, but he’s already getting a kick out of taking 10 steps across the living room and then grinning at us from ear to ear when we clap and cheer. 🙂 So far I haven’t gotten a great video […]

The Monday Snapshot – Halloween Comparison Photo Edition

You know me, always up for some good comparison photos. 🙂

From 3 to 4

It’s so fun to see how much can change in just one year…

Photo Comparison #75819502 :)

Carlia over at Nest Building 101 (formerly The Stork Drop Zone) sent me this onesie when a bunch of my blog friends gave me a “virtual baby shower” while I was pregnant with Stella. I snapped a picture of Stella in it to say thank you, and the other day I snapped a picture of Harvey […]

The Monday Snapshot – 16 Week Comparison

I took a photo of Stella when she was 16w1 old in the spring of 2012, and I always knew I wanted to get a comparison photo of Harvey at the same age. I didn’t quite get the same angle (dang baby models – there’s just no reasoning with them!! *grin*), but it’s still fun […]

Tummy Time Comparison

Full disclaimer – I rarely make my kiddos do tummy time. I just can’t make them sit there and cry because you’re supposed to do “x” minutes of it every day. I baby wear my kids a lot, and that is a great way to help them work on neck strength without subjecting them to the dreaded tummy […]

The Monday Snapshot – Comparisons & Sleep!

I have two AWESOME pictures I wanted to share this morning, and I just couldn’t choose only one, so you get a double feature today. First off, I went through some bags of clothes yesterday and found a few of my 0-3 month favs that I had saved from when Stella was little. I am […]

Let the Comparisons Begin!

I’m going to be horrible about doing this I’m sure, but it’s so hard to resist! Charlie and I both think that Harvey looks a lot like Stella as a baby. What do you think? All of these pics were taken in their first 2 days of life. 🙂 You can’t see Stella’s stork bite very […]