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The Monday Snapshot – Big Boy Undies Edition

Well, I wrote quite a bit about potty training Stella around the 14-17 month mark, but I haven’t said a word about Harvey. Unlike his big sis, he is not very verbal and also showed zero interest in using the toilet, so I have made very little effort to potty train him early, even though I had […]

Toilet Training Regression

Oh man, so I’ve been hoping I wouldn’t need to write this post, but Charlie and I are at our wits’ end and we don’t know what to do. Stella will be 4 in two months, and she has been daytime toilet trained for nearly 2 1/2 years. She’s been nighttime trained for 6 months. […]

The End of Pull-Ups!

Back in July of 2013 (yes, almost 2 years ago), I wrote a post called The End of Diapers? In it I detailed what we had done to (day) potty train our 19 month old. Click on the post to read more, but basically we started setting her on the potty before bath time at around […]

No More Diapers – Step 4

Wow, how time flies! About 6 months ago I wrote a post outlining how we had gone about potty training with Stella. She has been “awake” potty trained since following the first three steps below when she was between 14-17 months old. (click on the post to read more details) Step 1: Sitting the kid on […]

The Monday Snapshot – Underwear Lover

Well, the potty training continues to go pretty amazingly well! I know that every kid is different and that this isn’t necessarily the norm, but somehow I *knock on wood* think we’ve hit the sweet spot in timing for Stella with this particular life event, and … ya, we are stoked. Since I wrote my […]

The End of Diapers?

I never thought I’d write about my child’s toiletry habits, but it seems like a gazillion of my blog friends all have kiddos who have been exhibiting “potty training readiness cues” [1] at the same time, and I figured it’d be interesting to compare methods and ideas. Obviously every child is different, but so far […]