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The Monday Snapshot – It’s a Boy!

On Saturday morning we got the best news ever – according to the ultrasound tech, our son is “amazing, amazing, amazing.” 🙂 Everything looked great, heartbeat of 155 BPM, weighing roughly 10oz, measuring 8d ahead. Also, my cervix was long (4.6cm?) and closed, the placenta is plenty high and away from the cervix, and the […]

It’s a…?

When I was pregnant with Stella, we didn’t find out the sex ahead of time, but I always felt like she would be a girl. I even wrote this post about my preference for a she baby when I was about 6 months pregnant. When I was 7 months pregnant I did a survey of […]

17 Weeks – Renewed Workout Resolve

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who weighed in yesterday with their thoughts on whether or not to do the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. I’m not sold on the long term safety of repeated ultrasounds, but I’m also not supremely worried about it either (obviously, I had 3 with Stella and 1 already with […]

To Scan or Not To Scan, that is the question

So I just got back from my routine monthly prenatal visit. I’ll be 17w tomorrow, and as I headed out the door I asked about scheduling the anatomy scan since Charlie wants to find out the sex this time around. My midwife immediately said, “Oh! Well, I don’t really like ultrasounds, but if you want […]

15 Weeks

In my 13 week update, I wrote that I hadn’t had any pregnancy symptoms yet other than the horrid all day nausea/vomiting, but that isn’t entirely true. I had the “my mouth tastes like I just ate dog shit” phenomenon and the crazy metallic taste (which I guess is called dysgeusia) for most of the […]

The Midwife

mid·wife  /ˈmidˌwīf/ — A person trained to assist women in childbirth My midwife is a man. I’m guessing that most of you have never heard of  a male midwife, but seriously you guys – my midwife rocks. He has been delivering babies in this rural county that I live in since 1983 – that’s 30 years! That’s […]

13 Weeks

**Caution – lots of belly pics & pregnancy talk below this photo! No, I’m not always going to write this disclaimer, but I did today, so there ya go.** So I’ve been slacking on weekly pregnancy updates, but I just don’t find that I have as much to write about this time around. I think […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Midwife’s Office

11 Weeks

So apparently my little lime sized fetus now enjoys a 1:1 body/head ratio at this point. Kiddo – if you are anything like your big sis, this will continue for awhile (she had the head circumference of your average 2 year old at her 12mo well child check). Big brains for the win! I’m down […]

The Appointment

My parents and youngest sister got into town on Thursday night from MN (an 1,100 mile drive!), and my plan was to surprise my Mom with an ultrasound while she was here. I ended up caving and telling her a couple of weeks ago about it, but it was still so fun to have them […]

9 Weeks

I’m afraid to even type this out loud, but I think I’m turning a corner in the vomiting department after having the sickest weekend of my life last weekend. I’m still nauseous all day, but for the past two days I haven’t puked all day (only in the evenings/night), which is a VAST improvement for me. […]

8 Weeks

Eight weeks was the first time I really wrote a “check-in” post during my pregnancy with Stella, and I figured I should do the same for this little one. I’m not sure if I’ll do the weekly write-ups like I did last time, but I do want to make sure I record things about this […]

The Dead Giveaway

So I really wasn’t intending on telling my co-workers just yet that I was pregnant. I work in a small medical center along with just eight other people, so I figured they would find out soon enough, but I really wanted to at least get one ultrasound under my belt before sharing the news. [Side […]