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WWW – Touching Base!

FYI – this is just a quick “touch base” post since it’s Wednesday and I want to get back in the habit of checking in about health & fitness — by no means am I working on losing weight yet! Here’s the post I wrote at 1 week postpartum with Stella. I was stoked I had […]

33 Weeks

Well, as I wrote yesterday, I’ve been struggling with a few feelings lately that are kind of driving me nuts. Namely, feeling under pressure (from myself) about wanting everything to go perfectly this time – NOT because I’m in denial that every birthing time is different and that I need to willing and able to go […]

31 Weeks

At my midwife appointment yesterday, I got a little lecture for not eating and drinking enough. Say what?! I’m a hungry pregnant lady who feels like she is eating non-stop and growing like a weed! According to my midwife, I’ve only gained 2# in the past 4 weeks (which isn’t bad for goodness sakes, I’m […]

28 Weeks

Oops – it’s been 3 weeks since my last pregnancy update post. I was so good about doing these weekly updates with Stella, but this time around it seems like time just gets away from me. At any rate, I am officially in the 3rd trimester now, no matter how you count it! I don’t […]

23 Weeks

Wowzers – time is just getting away from me lately, and honestly, I just haven’t had much to blog about. I’m working on a long, involved post about my research regarding the choices we have regarding all of the testing done during pregnancy, but other than that, I’m really just enjoying this part of the pregnancy […]

17 Weeks – Renewed Workout Resolve

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who weighed in yesterday with their thoughts on whether or not to do the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. I’m not sold on the long term safety of repeated ultrasounds, but I’m also not supremely worried about it either (obviously, I had 3 with Stella and 1 already with […]

13 Weeks

**Caution – lots of belly pics & pregnancy talk below this photo! No, I’m not always going to write this disclaimer, but I did today, so there ya go.** So I’ve been slacking on weekly pregnancy updates, but I just don’t find that I have as much to write about this time around. I think […]

11 Weeks

So apparently my little lime sized fetus now enjoys a 1:1 body/head ratio at this point. Kiddo – if you are anything like your big sis, this will continue for awhile (she had the head circumference of your average 2 year old at her 12mo well child check). Big brains for the win! I’m down […]