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Recycling My Breast Pump

Like many of my friends, I have a love/hate relationship with my double electric breast pumps. As a breastfeeding Mom who had to return to work when both of my kids were 8 weeks old, it was definitely a life saver and allowed both of my kids be exclusively fed by breastmilk for their first […]

Supply Issues…

Back in May I wrote this post about my pumping / milk supply experience the 2nd time around. It’s so frustrating to realize I was getting 7 ounces in two pumping sessions at work back then — and now I’m struggling to get 3. It doesn’t help that lefty has basically said adios and quit responding to […]

Pumping while Traveling sans Baby

Before we left on the trip to St. Louis last weekend, I was incredibly nervous about how the pumping aspect would go, especially when such a big portion of the (very quick) trip would be spent in very public places. I’m all about nursing in public and feel like I can do it pretty dang discreetly, but […]

Working & Pumping, Round #2

When Stella was born, the hope was that we would be able to afford for me to stay home for awhile. Then we got realistic about our finances, and when a good job opened up in the area when she was 7 weeks old, I jumped on it, they offered me the job, and I […]

The Monday Snapshot – Back to Work

Just over two years ago I wrote a post about my first day of work after Stella was born. She was 8w1d old when I started at that job, and coincidentally, Harvey is exactly 8w1d old today – on my first day back at work at that same job. It’s unbelievable to me how much […]

Pumping and Breastfeeding Necessities

This is part 1 of a (who knows how many parts) series that I’m going to write regarding different “essentials” we have bought/used over the past year. When I was making my baby registry and trying to feel prepared for bringing a baby home, I scoured the internet for lists like this from real Moms (and […]