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More Rafting Adventures!

After our rafting trip last month with the kiddos, we were excited to do an adult-only trip with our friends again as well. It has been YEARS (seriously, like 6 years) since I’ve been on an adult trip, and as much fun as we have with the kids on the river, it’s also kind of […]

Microblog Monday: Rafting Adventures

Last weekend we took the kids on their first overnight rafting/camping trip of the summer, and we had a total blast! There were a couple of overtired meltdowns and potty accidents and whining, but overall it really was a fantastic weekend with them! I even ran 10 miles before we left on Saturday morning, which […]

The Monday Snapshot – Rafting Edition

Man did we have a great time on Stella & Harvey’s first rafting trip! See more pics here. 

TISW Update

Oooookay folks… it’s time for me to write this up and get accountable and get back on the weight loss bandwagon. For those of you just joining me, this has been a project (well, my whole life), but mainly since around the time we started TTC. As a high school/college kid I had always weighed around […]