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On Firsts: The Backpack

This morning Stella and I did a little online shopping, and this little beauty ended up in my Amazon shopping cart. Stella decided it’s pretty much perfect for her – pink & purple (her two favorite colors) with a sparkly rhinestone star on it. Since she’s been our Rock Star since day one, and her […]

The Monday Snapshot – Preschool Edition

In the mail today was a letter from the local elementary school officially accepting Stella into their pre-k program in the fall. August 31st, 2015 will be my baby’s first day of school. #HFS!

The End of Diapers?

I never thought I’d write about my child’s toiletry habits, but it seems like a gazillion of my blog friends all have kiddos who have been exhibiting “potty training readiness cues” [1] at the same time, and I figured it’d be interesting to compare methods and ideas. Obviously every child is different, but so far […]

Discipline Advice

Okay, this is something I was sort of dragging my feet on researching anything about, and now suddenly the time is here. When my MIL picked up Stella from daycare on Tuesday, the daycare provider let her know that Stella had been hitting the other kids. HITTING. I mean, I know it’s her gentle pats […]

what makes a baby?

This is my contribution to PAIL’s Monthly Theme post topic for January, “Where Do Babies Come From?” Click here to join in! ***** Wow, so I really am not sure where to start this.  I have thought about it a little bit, but not a lot – I guess because the ALI journey has become such an […]

A Scolding

Just recently I have noticed that Stella seems to really get it when I’m upset with her. As a background, I grew up in a house where spanking was non-existent and groundings were rare. If we did something “bad,” my parents had a talk with us about how disappointed they were with us, and we had to then […]