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Stuffed Bell Peppers – 21 Day Fix Approved

I’m always looking for new recipes to make that are easy for me to plan into my food journal for the day, and this one was definitely a winner! I actually prepped it over my lunch break (you could also do the night before) so that my husband could throw it in the oven when […]

Healthy Hard Boiled Eggs made with Greek Yogurt instead of mayo!

Greek Yogurt Spicy Bacon Deviled Eggs

GO BRONCOS! So, it’s football season. Football season = lots of unhealthy appetizers & delicious beer in my world, but every once in awhile I at least TRY to adjust my recipes to make them a little better for you. 🙂 Yesterday I was about to whip up a batch of spicy deviled eggs to […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

In the winter I am all about crock pot meals, so when I can tweak one to make it work with the nutrition macros I’m aiming for, all the better! The follow recipe for slow cooker chicken fajitas is 21 Day Fix approved, which makes it easy for me to insert it into the week when I’m […]

Mason Jar Salads – 21 Day Fix Approved

For the first 3.5 months of this year, I ate a mason jar salad near every day of the week. I think I missed 1-2 work lunches because of conferences, and on weekends it was hit or miss depending upon commitments with friends, but I’d honestly estimate that I ate a mason jar salad for […]

Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese & Spinach Frittata

Since I learned about the wonder of frittatas about 6 months ago (basically a crustless quiche), we have eaten variations of frittatas in our house nearly every week – I’m not even exaggerating that claim! Harvey absolutely loved this particular recipe for a long time, so usually he and I could eat the entire pan […]

Mason Jar Salads, Round 2

Since good ole’ Aunt Flo decided to come back yesterday for the first time in 700 days, I am haaaaarngry. Like, I want to eat ALL THE CHEESY THINGS. This is obviously not great when I’m trying to eat healthily and lose weight, so I’m doing my best to keep sticking to my mason jar […]

Mason Jar Salads – A Beginner’s Guide

In the last couple of weeks I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon of making Mason Jar Salads for my lunches (which is kind of funny considering I’ve only been on Pinterest a couple of times in my life). There really are SO many awesome ideas out there though, and I wanted to try to do something […]

The Monday Snapshot – Productive Weekend Edition

We had an incredibly productive weekend, and it feels so good! Saturday was absolutely gorgeous – I’m talking one of the nicest days I’ve ever seen in Colorado in my 10 years of living here. The fall colors are just brilliant this year, and the weather has been phenomenal along with them. Since the weather was […]

WWW & a Buttternutt Squash Soup Recipe

I am pleased to report that I had reasonable success with not binge eating on Thanksgiving (yay!). I had a few too many beers I suppose, but it is probably the first and only time I remember NOT eating too much on this particular holiday, so that’s a big WIN. Thanks so much to Amanda for […]