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The Monday Snapshot – Little Rocker Edition

Lately Harvey loves to stand around and head bang. No, seriously. He will stand and hold onto the couch, the stool, whatever is near him, and then head bang. Between the head banging and the spikey hair, he is totally our little rocker! When I was pregnant with Stella we always called her “Rockstar” because […]

Going Steady with RockStar

One year ago today I posted this picture and a comment about my hubby’s sperm: PLEASE GOD let just one decide that he and rockstar egg should go steady.  We are so, so blessed that Stella is now a part of our lives.

37 Weeks & Full Term Baby!!

Wow wow wow. I was laying in bed last night staring at the ceiling (a common occurrence lately since solid sleep is hard to come by), and since it was after midnight, I realized I was 37 weeks and therefore full term and that means this baby could come at any time and they wouldn’t […]

36 Weeks and Thankful

I’m officially in the 9th month of pregnancy, and for that I am obnoxiously, overwhelmingly, insanely thankful. This isn’t going to be a bulleted thankful post by any means. I’m cranky. I’m overtired. I’m feeling huge and uncomfortable. The carpal tunnel blows, and there is rarely a position I’m comfortable sitting or lying in anymore. […]

35 Weeks

I never got around to posting this yesterday because I never got around to taking a belly pic and now it’s Friday and I’m in my PJs and thinking UGH, I don’t feel like taking a picture, so I’m just going to post this already. Instead of the normal belly pic, I’ll include a photo […]

34 Weeks, & My Favorite Midwife

RockStar weighs approximately 4 3/4# and is about 18″ long at this point (roughly the size of a cantaloupe). The central nervous system is maturing, and the lungs are continuing to mature as well. This kiddo isn’t considered fully baked yet, but they say that babies born at 34-37 weeks who have no other health […]

A Toast to RockStar – aka, My Virtual Baby Shower

Back on September 29th, I woke up at 28 weeks, checked my phone, and promptly starting crying. Now, nearly six weeks later, I’m finally getting the thank you post together. In the meantime, I have laughed and cried my way through all 17 of your posts multiple times. Oak – thank you SO SO much […]

I’m Baaaaack!!

My Mom and sister and I got to have lunch with Oak on Saturday (sadly Mac couldn’t be in attendance), and on Sunday I flew back to Colorado. If you care to see more pics, I’ve posted some here on my family blog.  I’m still working on my thank you post for the virtual baby […]

33 Weeks, and Time with a 3yo

RockStar is approximately the size of honeydew melon / heft of a pineapple this week (a little over 4# and 17″). The kiddo is putting on fat and losing some of that wrinkled old man look, and the brain is developing rapidly. So cool. πŸ™‚ I didn’t weigh in this morning since I’m at my […]

32 Weeks, and 1 Last Vacation

GOOOOOD MORNING!πŸ™‚ I’m not sure why I feel so chipper this morning, but as I’m not generally a morning person and I’m usually kind of a grump, I’m going with it. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow morning I’ll have to be on the road at 5am to head to the airport (10 days in MN with my family […]

31 Weeks, and My Last Day of Work!

Wow – I can’t believe I just wrote that post title! I bartend tonight, and that is my last official day of work for… well, I don’t know how long. It’s such a relief to know I’ll be off my feet and no longer working nights (both of which were getting pretty exhausting for me […]

30 Weeks, and an IFer Meetup!

I’m writing most of this post on Wednesday afternoon, because by tomorrow morning, I’m going to be running around the house packing last minute things and trying to get on the road for a girls’ weekend away with 5 of my fellow IF ladies. I cannot freakin wait!!I give my husband a lot of credit […]

A New Kind of Christmas Morning

Dear RockStar, This morning I crawled out of bed around 5am, because as is the norm these days, you were kicking my bladder, and there was no way I could continue to ignore the urge to pee. It’s a good thing I know you’re going to be cute. πŸ™‚ I sleepily sat down on the […]

29 Weeks, and Wishing Americans Were Back to Work Already

I don’t usually talk politics on this blog, but I figured I should at least make a note in here for posterity’s sake of what’s going on in our world during this pregnancy with Rockstar. Throughout our entire time TTC and continuing throughout this pregnancy, our economy has continued in this awful downward spiral. My […]

Old Wives Gender Tales

Most days I’m happy with our decision to wait to find out Rockstar’s gender, but there are definitely random times where I just wish i KNEW already!! Today I decided to take a highly scientific old wives gender tales poll to see what that said. What do you think – boy or girl? Vote on the […]

Birth Preferences…Revision 1

I’m sure this will keep evolving, but for those who are interested (and for my own records), here is the first revision of my thoughts! ————————– FYI for my readers, this will be a hospital birth, but that birth will be attended by my midwife –Β notΒ an OB – unless an emergency c-section is necessary. My […]

28 Weeks, and Feeling Very Loved

Wow, ladies. Like I said this morning, you are all AMAZING. I can’t explain how much I’ve laughed and cried this morning as I read through your posts. Thank you thank you thank you to all who participated (and if you didn’t know about it, please don’t feel slighted – Oak was working on this […]

Bitches Made Me Cry

Okay y’all, here’s the deal. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to blogging, and when I got home from work last night at 11pm, I caught up on all of the blogs in my reader that had posted while I was at work. I […]

Sappy Confession

I’m not sure when it started, but every day I pull my shirt up to stare at my belly.  I’m obsessed with watching for the tiniest movements.  I’m still in disbelief that this is really happening.  I’m fascinated to watch my belly button become an outie.  I’m consumed with the need to reassure myself that our baby […]

27 Weeks, and in the final countdown!

Wow, I cannot believe that I am in the 3rd trimester. It’s a very surreal feeling, I think because the first trimester  went by SO slowly (between a combination of m/c fears and nonstop m/s), I expected the rest to go by slowly. Then the second trimester flew by, and now I’m thinking HFS, my […]

25 Weeks, & Starting Birth Plans!

During this 6th month, RockStar is approximately the size of an eggplant… that’s 13.6-14.8″ long and weighing in at 1.5-2.2#, and his/her immune system is preparing for the outside world. Exciting!!! I guess from now on, the baby’s size is much more dependent on environmental and biological factors (hence why it’s pretty much impossible to determine gestational […]

24 Weeks & the Elusive Viability Milestone!

This week RockStar is still approximately the size of a papaya. Depending on the website, it seems the kiddo weighs a little over a pound and measures a little over a foot long. I weighed in at 170# this morning (same as last week), though Tuesday morning I was 171#. I’m sure it’s fluctuating a […]

23 Weeks, and Crossing Some Thresholds

This week RockStar is the size of … hm, a papaya I guess. I just realized that we’re to the stage where the baby’s size is given in ranges and weeks 21-24 show an avg. size of 10.5-11.8″ long and 12.7-20.8 oz in weight. The creepy “factoid” of the week is that the kiddo is […]

He Felt RockStar Kick!

Last night I was laying on the couch watching Giuli.ana and Bill (yes, I have my reality TV addictions), and I realized that RockStar was being super active — to the point where I could actually see my belly moving a little bit! C still hadn’t seen/felt anything, so I ran upstairs, stripped to my […]

22 weeks, and Apparently I’m Glowing :)

I have definitely decided that getting the compliment of You’re Glowing!!! is one of the most awkward things ever. Um, thanks, I feel like I am sweating. That being said, even though I really am just hot and sweaty because it’s summer and I’m pregnant and working in a non-air conditioned restaurant, it’s kind of fun […]