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The Monday Snapshot – Big Helper Edition

Stella LOVES to help Harvey with…well, everything. Sometimes the help is appreciated, sometimes not so much, but it’s always pretty darn cute. ­čÖé

Sibling Love

I still struggle with knowing whether or not we are done having kids, though since I’ve been giving all of our baby stuff away, I’m pretty sure the reality is that we are done with two. That being said, I was 1 of 5 kids in my family and Charlie was 1 of 3, so […]

Tummy Time Comparison

Full disclaimer – I┬árarely make my kiddos do tummy time. I just┬ácan’t┬ámake them sit there and cry because you’re supposed to do “x” minutes of it every day. I baby wear my kids a lot, and that is a great way to help them work on neck strength without subjecting them to the dreaded tummy […]

Wordless Wednesday – Early Morning Snuggles

Lazy Days Off

I work 4 days a week at my job, and my day off has been switching lately for various reasons. This week I had Thursday off, and it was a BEAUTIFUL spring day (which was all the more appreciated since we had snow again just a few days ago). During Harvey’s nap Stella and I […]

The Monday Snapshot – A Relaxing Sunday

Saturday was a BUSY day, full of shopping for a new washer & dryer (tips for washing cloth diapers in a top loader HE would be much appreciated!) and a birthday party for one of Stella’s friends that went from “3pm to meltdown.” Other then a quick stopover at home at nap time, we were […]

The Monday Snapshot – Comparisons & Sleep!

I have two AWESOME pictures I wanted to share this morning, and I just couldn’t choose only one, so you get a double feature today. First off, I went through some bags of clothes yesterday and found a few of my 0-3 month favs that I had saved from when Stella was little. I am […]

The Monday Snapshot – Little Old Man Edition

Stella started losing her hair right around five weeks old, and by six/seven weeks old she was rockin’ the little old man look – bald on top with a little hair left around the back & bottom. I was hoping her little brother might escape the same fate, but based on the receding hairline that […]

The Monday Snapshot – Snuggling Edition

So far Harvey pretty much sleeps in bed with me all night. I’m hoping to get him into the co-sleeper more soon, but for now I’m just rolling with it and loving all the snuggles. They aren’t this little forever, and┬áman am I lucky to get to do this again and to know to focus […]

My Blue Eyed Babies

Stella’s eyes started out really blue, and though they’re still pretty blue at 26 months, they seem to have a hint of green in them at times as well now (which makes sense, because my eyes switch routinely switch between the two based on my mood and color of clothing and Charlie’s eyes are straight […]

Bottle Feeding, Then & Now

When Stella was born, we weren’t originally planning on me going back to work for awhile. Even so, I always knew I wanted Stella to be able to drink out of a bottle so that I’d have a little freedom for getting out of the house and for having a few drinks, so I started […]

Go Broncos!

I’m a Minnesota girl born and raised, so I’m a Vikings fan at my core, but nearly 10 years of living in Colorado has at least convinced me that I need to root for the home team as well, especially when they make it to the Superbowl. ­čÖé This video was shot just down the […]