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Sick Days & Snow Days

Yesterday I got the dreaded call from school asking me to come pick up Stella in the nurse’s office because she was sick. That being said, we made it 2.5 months before the first pre-k crud hit our home, which I suppose is actually pretty good! 4 of the 14 kids got sent home yesterday […]

On Sick Kids & Bodily Fluids

HOLY HELL PEOPLE. Did you know that as miserable as it is to be sick, it’s 100xxxxxx times worse to have both of your innocent, confused children spewing forth fluids from both ends? Today I woke up nervous because it was a *BIGDAY* at work. Meaning – there is a huge project implementation that is […]

The Monday Snapshot – Lounging Edition

Two under the weather kids + cold outdoor temps = lots of lounging and movie watching over the past 48 hours…and honestly? I’m okay with that. <3

The Monday Snapshot – Sick Parents Ed.

I had a ton of fun pictures from last weekend that I was going to share today, but then I woke up in the middle of the night with full body shakes & shivers, general body aches, horrible back pain, a fever, nausea – you name it, I had it. Then Charlie got up at […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hanging in There Ed.

As I mentioned in my post last Thursday, this pregnancy has been kicking my ass. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one in the house who has been feeling under the weather. Last Tuesday I had some daycare issues (SEVEN people couldn’t watch Stella!) so I decided it was the universe’s way of telling me to […]

Girls’ Night!

Girls’ Night last night with Mommy & Auntie! 🙂 Happy girl! Stella has been supremely fussy the past few days (mostly in the late afternoon), and we’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on. I ate cabbage on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and so the bottles she had on Thursday and Friday were pumped […]