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The Shared Bedroom…An Update

About a year and a half ago I wrote about our decision to have Harvey & Stella share a bedroom. So far I’d say our 5 main takeaways have held true. Kids sleep with Dad ears, not Mom ears. – CHECK Consistency is Important with Kids’ Sleep Routines, but Don’t Be Afraid to Switch it Up […]

The Shared Bedroom

On Sunday, June 8th, we started the transition of moving Harvey out of our room (where he generally slept in the co-sleeper and/or our bed) and moved him instead to his crib to start the night. He was just 4 days shy of 5 months old, so it’s not exactly noteworthy to most people, except […]

In Loving Memory of our Baby Swing

I hesitate to ever write anything about sleep since it always seems to change as soon as you write something (hence why I still haven’t written about the kids sharing a room even though we did that change months ago – overall it’s going great!)… but I thought I’d pop in with a quick update […]

Proper Motivation

I have a ton I need to write on sleep regarding both kids (aka – trying to get Harv to sleep through the night more often, how to get Stella to not wake up crying & afraid in her big girl bed, and how sharing a room is going), but I just had to share […]

Leaving the Littles

Pre-parenting, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t be that person who couldn’t trust others to care for her kids from time to time in order to get some adult time under her belt. I admit that I couldn’t anticipate the level of love and devotion I would feel towards these little humans, but so far I think I’ve done […]

Thoughts on Sleep

I’ve written quite a bit about Stella and her sleep (or lack thereof at times) over the past few years, and I figured it was time to document what we did with Harvey that was the same or different and why. Then when I started to write out this post, it took an entirely different […]

The Self Soother

When Stella was little, we waited a week or two to introduce the pacifier because I was worried about nipple confusion. She never really took to it, and other than the random OH MY GOD MY CHILD IS LOSING HER MIND AND WE’RE ON THE HIGHWAY AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT […]

The Monday Snapshot – Comparisons & Sleep!

I have two AWESOME pictures I wanted to share this morning, and I just couldn’t choose only one, so you get a double feature today. First off, I went through some bags of clothes yesterday and found a few of my 0-3 month favs that I had saved from when Stella was little. I am […]

The Monday Snapshot – Toddler Bed Transition

Well, my lovely husband decided out of the blue to take the front of Stella’s crib off yesterday morning, even though she has not tried to climb out of the crib since the incident 6 weeks ago when she climbed/fell out and we had a talk about not climbing out so we don’t get hurt. […]

Too MUCH Sleep?

Ya, I know, kick me now. I would if I was you. However, the last few weeks have been…WEIRD.  For the past five months or so Stella was pretty consistently sleeping 8pm-7am with 2 naps of about 1-1.5 hrs each. That’s 13-14 hrs of sleep per day — quite typical and normal for a 13 […]

A Sleep Update

I’m writing this all out for my own records and also in case anyone else might find it helpful. I know I combed through people’s sleep posts when we were struggling with our 20 minute napper / non-bedtime sleeper! It’s so hard to know what’s “normal” because every baby is different, but I highly  recommend Troublesome […]

Sleeping…a Work in Progress

Perfecting Stella’s sleep routine is definitely a work in progress, but oh my gosh thank the Lord she is sleeping so much better than she was when I wrote this post two weeks ago. Both of the books I read said that you needed to have a few weeks to be really consistent when starting a new […]


I just stared for awhile at a blinking cursor on a blank screen trying to think of a witty title for this post, but my glazed over eyes and foggy brain couldn’t think of a damn thing. Shit you guys, I need help. Stella has never been an amazing sleeper, but she was never a […]

To Sleep or Not To Sleep

Miss Mac just wrote a great post about how they have five different types of beds for their little boy and had grand plans for his sleep habits, and yet every night he ends up sleeping in her arms, warm and snugly, for hours at a time, on and off the boob buffet. I can […]