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The Monday Snapshot – Brother Edition

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it on here, but almost four years ago, my little brother moved from Minnesota to Colorado to the little town I live in. He’s 9.5 years younger than me (the baby of the family – we have 3 sisters between us in age), but we’ve always been close, […]

The Monday Snapshot, Snowboarding Edition

The kids are getting bigger and more independent on the mountain (i.e, my daughter can nearly out-ski me and my son refuses to go up there so he stays home), and one of the cool things about this turn of events is that I can get back on my snowboard instead of my skis! I […]

Back on the Mountain

We had such low snowfall numbers in November that our local ski resort actually opened a couple of weeks late for the first time in 15+ years. It finally opened up on Friday the 2nd, and I was able to go up with Harvey for the day. The next day Charlie and I took both […]

The Monday Snapshot – Closing Day Ed.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, and it was also the closing day for our local ski area. Charlie and I got a babysitter so that we could go up for the day with our friends, and it was a bluebird day full of skiing (and snowboarding), people watching, and drinks with friends. I am […]

Mental Health Day

Tuesday was payroll day, and when I glanced at my paycheck stub I realized that I had one unaccounted for vacation day that needed to be used in the next 2 days or I would lose it. Well then – that’s a no brainer! Yesterday became my mental health day wherein I actually used a paid vacation […]

The Monday Snapshot – Snow Day Edition

The ski resort that I live by has gotten absolutely DUMPED on recently (over three feet of snow in the past four days), and conditions couldn’t be better. I spent all day Sunday snowboarding/skiing with a bunch of my friends, and oh my goodness am I worked. We were riding through some AMAZING powder in the […]

The Monday Snapshot – Birthday Edition

I’m writing this while coming off the high of spending an entire birthday weekend with my awesome family and great friends. On Friday after work, a few of my girlfriends randomly showed up in need of a drink, and the four of us ended up going out for an impromptu girls’ night after Stells was […]

Follie Check #3 / Injections in Odd Places :-)

Hey folks! Sorry for the radio silence over here. I’ve been going in every morning for monitoring ultrasounds and blood work, but since I don’t get the blood work results until the afternoon, I end up getting behind on the update. At any rate, yesterday my largest follie was up to 16mm (up about 1mm). […]

Measuring the Passage of Time…with Snowboarding :)

(This is me keeping busy & killing time until my next u/s follie check in the morning. I’m so nervous/excited!)Dec 1, 2004 – I moved to Colorado “for the winter” between undergrad and grad schoolSince I obviously still live in Colorado, y’all can see how that worked out. LOLMaybe some day I’ll go back to […]

Green Light!

Yippee!! My CD2 ultrasound went great yesterday – my lining was 2.5mm, everything looked good, and there were no cysts on my ovaries.My E2 came back at 53 – they prefer under 50, but that number was fine with my RE b/c of my PCOS. Basically, we got the green light! On Saturday I’ll start […]

As Promised…

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted this pic from skiing last year with my buddy S? Check out his beard from this winter! HAHAHA!!! We had so much fun on the mountain today (Tell.uride). It’s good to remember why I love this area. 🙂

TISW Update

Oooookay folks… it’s time for me to write this up and get accountable and get back on the weight loss bandwagon. For those of you just joining me, this has been a project (well, my whole life), but mainly since around the time we started TTC. As a high school/college kid I had always weighed around […]