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Stella Times…52 Weeks

My Bells, This makes me cry. Your final weekly photo shoot. Wow. How in the heck are you nearly one year old already? I’m going to try to write a synopsis of sorts for your actual birthday, but I can’t help but reflect today on what an amazing year we have had with you in […]

Stella Times…51 Weeks

Hey Stelly!   This week you¬†finally started allowing me to give you kisses. Before you’d always turn your head and offer your cheek, but now you’ll do both open mouth and closed mouth kisses, and every time I kiss you, you laugh hysterically. I’m not sure why my kisses are so funny, but I’ll take […]

Stella Times…50 Weeks

Dear Stella, Today is your first Thanksgiving [see more pics here], and that makes me SO excited, because it’s hands down my favorite holiday. It’s all about hanging out with family and friends and being thankful, and BOY are we thankful for you this year. You have made every piece of sadness and heartache over […]

Stella Times…49 Weeks

Dear Stella, This week has been a whirlwind for sure. First off, we spent Thursday-Sunday traveling to Chicago and back so that you and I could meet up with some blog friends and their children (btw – you were a ROCKSTAR traveler on your 4 flights last weekend!). It was so fun to watch you […]

Stella Times…48 Weeks

Poor Stella, This has been a rough week on you, little girl. Last Friday you got your first serious owie (a curling iron burn on your left arm), and then on Tuesday night you crawled over and put your little fingers on our gas stove, so you now have blisters on the tips of your […]

Stella Times…47 Weeks

My Dearest Stelly Belly, Clap clap clap. That’s what we’ve been seeing around the house for the past few days. Clap clap clap. Nana Joan has been playing patty-cake with you forever, but it wasn’t until you spent a day at Ms. Jen’s clapping with the other kids that you decided to come home and […]

Stella Times…46 Weeks

Dear Stells, You continue to grow and change every week. You constantly explore every nook and cranny, and if you can create a mess while you’re exploring, you do. ūüôā Fall weather is definitely here, and we spent last weekend hanging out and enjoying the weather before it gets too cold to go outside without […]

Stella Times…45 Weeks

Dear Squeaks, You continue to be a¬†huge snuggler lately, and your Daddy and I are absolutely loving it! You’ll lay your head on the edge of the couch, on your big stuffed bear, or on anything soft when you are sleepy or just in the mood for cuddling. Yesterday you crawled into my lap and […]

Stella Times…44 Weeks

Dear Stells, This week you have been cracking us up by mimicking everything we do. The best is when we run our finger over our lips and make a bwub-a-bwub-a sound and you do it right back at us! I haven’t been able to get it on video yet, but I’m sure trying! You spend […]

Stella Times…43 Weeks

Stelly Belly, Contrary to what the picture above ¬†(which was taken right before nap time) might indicate, every week lately is more and more fun with you. You are SO interactive and responsive and CUTE. The random cuddles have continued, and though you refuse to give (or accept) kisses, you’ll offer your forehead to people […]

Stella Times…42 Weeks

WHOA Nelly! What a big week for you baby girl. First off, you had your first full week of being an amazing sleeper, sleeping about 11 hrs at a shot (8pm-7am). A couple of times you have woken up once for a quick nursing session, but usually you just sleep through until 6:30-7:00, which is […]

Stella Times…41 Weeks

STELLA!!!! You are certainly living up the A Streetcar Named Desire¬†version of your name this week. Wow. You are¬†loud¬†little girl!! You aren’t mad – just “talking” loudly all the time lately. I had to walk away from the outdoor wedding we went to last Saturday because I was afraid everyone would be listening to you […]

Stella Times…40 Weeks

Dear Stella, I’m writing this a day late this week because my heart was just too sad yesterday to write. A friend of mine found out really sad news about her child, and it scares the ever-loving shit out of me to think about anything bad ever happening to you, so I had a pretty […]

Stella Times…39 Weeks

PHEW, baby. I’m writing this up a day late because it has been a BUSY week at the house. Last night was the 2nd surprise birthday party of the week for friends of ours, and you have been such a rockstar with these events. Granted you weren’t¬†too psyched about the kazoos and “Surprise!” being yelled, […]

Stella Times…38 Weeks

Stella!!!! Today you have officially been on the outside of my belly as long as you were on the inside. That is pretty darn cool! It’s so hard to remember what life was like without you here. As I write this, I’m watching you crawl all around the living room floor, dumping out your toy […]

Stella Times…37 Weeks

Stelly Belly, Every week you are suddenly getting stronger and faster, and your crawling has quickly morphed into pulling yourself up to standing up at all times, whenever you possibly can. Thankfully you figured out how to sit yourself back down this week as well, because it was getting old having to “rescue” you every […]

Stella Times…36 Weeks

Dear Stella,  This has unfortunately been the week of sickness in our house. You kicked us off with your runny nose and head cold last Thursday, and Daddy and I promptly followed suit. I got off pretty lucky with just a couple days of feeling cruddy, but poor Daddy has been going bed earlier than […]

Stella Times…35 Weeks

My Poor Little Girl,  You started off your 35 week birthday with a runny nose, and since I’m writing this a couple of days late, I know it escalated into bloodshot and watering eyes, a runny nose, and overall crappiness. ūüôĀ However, for the most part, you have been a happy child through all of […]

Stella Times…34 Weeks

My Bells Bells,  This has been a busy week at home getting ready for our trip to MN to visit all sorts of family. We have also been working hard on getting you into a sleep routine, and you seem to be liking it. Your naps are SO much better, and it’s making you an […]

Stella Times…33 Weeks

Hi honey!  This has been a slightly better week than last week. You aren’t sleeping perfect, but you are sleeping SO much better than you were a week ago. I’m not sure if it’s because of changes I’ve made or because you’re feeling better or some combination of the two, but I am so thankful that […]

Stella Times…32 Weeks

Oh My Sleepy Stells Bells,  This has been a rough week in our house, because apparently you have mastered the whole “object permanence” thing, and sleep has just not been happening. Thank goodness I have a ton of wonderful friends who have given me lots of great ideas to try out to get you sleeping again. Hopefully […]

Stella Times…31 Weeks

My Stella Bella,  It’s been an interesting week in the S* household. You cut your first tooth this week (bottom left), and the picture above pretty much shows what you think about that. No fun. Luckily, last weekend we hit up your first baseball game, pre-tooth drama, and you were a total champ. It was […]

Stella Times…30 Weeks

To My Baby Bells…  This morning I woke up this morning at 6am when your Daddy came in to make sure I was getting up for the day. He always gives me a kiss goodbye and says “I love you” when he leaves for work. It’s important! When I looked over at you sleeping in […]

Stella Times…29 Weeks

My Darling Bells, Blowing bubbles, like always. You work VERY hard at this. LOL You are 29 weeks old and cute as ever! This week you started tilting your head further and further to the side until the person you are looking at acknowledges you, and it cracks us up every time. You’ll end up on […]

Stella Times…Week 28

 Dear Stella Joan,  Today was a big week for you (and for us), because you started sleeping in your crib! It’s not all night by any  means, but you are generally in there from 9pm-3am at least, if not until 5am, so that is pretty darn cool. It makes you seem like such a big […]