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The Flower Girl!

At my sister’s wedding last weekend, Stella had the honor of being asked to be the flower girl. It was actually an adults-only wedding, so she was the only kid in the church! The bridesmaids had all been asked to pick out whatever navy blue, floor length gown they wanted, so when we found this […]

Day 29, #NaBloPoMo – Invitations

22 invitations for 12 boys and 10 girls. That’s how many kids (not including their siblings!) we just invited to Stella’s 5th birthday party on Saturday. OhEmGee. Below are the cards for the kids in Stella’s class, and I honestly just texted most of the parents of the remaining kids because we ran out of invites […]

On Firsts: The Backpack

This morning Stella and I did a little online shopping, and this little beauty ended up in my Amazon shopping cart. Stella decided it’s pretty much perfect for her – pink & purple (her two favorite colors) with a sparkly rhinestone star on it. Since she’s been our Rock Star since day one, and her […]

The Monday Snapshot – Preschool Edition

In the mail today was a letter from the local elementary school officially accepting Stella into their pre-k program in the fall. August 31st, 2015 will be my baby’s first day of school. #HFS!

This is 3: On Remembering Jaime

Last Friday night, which happened to be Good Friday, I was sitting alone with Stella on the couch in our living room. Charlie was helping our friends set up a new crib they had just been gifted, and Harvey was in bed when I decided to ask her some questions about her Auntie Jaime. She was […]

The Monday Snapshot – 3 Years Old Edition!

Time flies by in the blink of an eye…

Photo Comparison #75819502 :)

Carlia over at Nest Building 101 (formerly The Stork Drop Zone) sent me this onesie when a bunch of my blog friends gave me a “virtual baby shower” while I was pregnant with Stella. I snapped a picture of Stella in it to say thank you, and the other day I snapped a picture of Harvey […]

Easter Basket Blog Hop

I haven’t done a blog hop in years, but Sarah talked me into joining up with this one that she is hosting! We honestly didn’t do an Easter basket for Stella for her first 2 Easters (at 3 months and 15 months old, I just didn’t think it was worth the effort), but this year […]

The Monday Snapshot – Stages

These pictures are just SO my kids right now. Harvey in all of his awkward newborn glory (I adore that you can see how hairy he is in this light!) and Stella in her gorgeous toddler-ness…no longer a baby, but not quite a big kid yet either. I <3 them both so much.

The Monday Snapshot – Neiiiighs!

Like I mentioned in my Snapshot last week, I’m trying really hard to spend my days off taking long walks/runs with Stella, both for the fresh air and for exercise! There is a 3.09 mile loop that I usually do that works perfectly with my C210k app, and while we’re on it, we walk by […]

The Monday Snapshot – The Furrowed Brow

When I asked Stella to give me one last smile for the camera last night after taking her 19 month pictures, she first said “all done” and gave me her signature furrowed brow look before flashing me a quick smile with her eyebrow raised like she was thinking “good enough, Mom?” What a goofball. 🙂 […]

The Monday Snapshot – Bobblehead Edition

Yesterday Charlie was in our guest room office trying to work on a bid, and Stella wanted nothing more than to go in and hang out with him. He finally took a quick break, and she was extremely excited to hang out on his lap and check out his Jim Edmonds bobble head doll that […]

Kisses for Mama?


The Monday Snapshot – Sickly St. Patty’s Day Edition

Well, we have spent the last 10 days watching Stella get sicker and sicker. I don’t know if it’s correlated, but she got 3 vaccination shots on Wednesday the 6th (the most she’s ever gotten at once – normally I keep it to 1-2 max), and she has basically gone downhill from there. By last […]

The Monday Snapshot – Puffy Coat Edition

Charlie and I used to make fun of people that wore puffy coats, because where we live in the middle of the mountains in Colorado, everyone seems to wear Patagonia coats and drink microbrews and feel cool doing it. Then this year, we both realized how incredibly warm those coats are, and thanks to a […]

Hanging In There!

Well, so far we are hanging in there. Charlie took the day off of work and spent all day sleeping and laying around, trying to get his strength back. At this point he’s hoping to work tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed that he feels good in the morning. I felt pretty horrid all night Sunday […]

Discipline Advice

Okay, this is something I was sort of dragging my feet on researching anything about, and now suddenly the time is here. When my MIL picked up Stella from daycare on Tuesday, the daycare provider let her know that Stella had been hitting the other kids. HITTING. I mean, I know it’s her gentle pats […]

Back Into the Swing of Things

Wow. I have posted 3 times in the past two weeks, and they were all a paragraph or less of text. That is a (low) record for me. For nearly three years, I’ve been averaging 5 posts per week, but life…. LIFE man… it has just gotten away from me lately. I just posted a […]

Too MUCH Sleep?

Ya, I know, kick me now. I would if I was you. However, the last few weeks have been…WEIRD.  For the past five months or so Stella was pretty consistently sleeping 8pm-7am with 2 naps of about 1-1.5 hrs each. That’s 13-14 hrs of sleep per day — quite typical and normal for a 13 […]

The Monday Snapshot – Cow Milk Edition

On Saturday we did a family trip to the grocery store, and while we were there I decided to pick up some organic whole milk with Vitamin D for Stella. She has been EBF thus far (except for 3mL of organic formula on day 2 of her life so they’d let us out of the […]

The Monday Snapshot – Four Eyes Edition

We’ve spent the last 24 hours hanging out at Nana and Papa’s house with Charlie’s brother and his family that are in from MN (and actually, I’m sitting in their kitchen typing this up – we’re still here!). It’s been a ton of fun and we got a LOT of great pics of the cousins […]

The Perfect 1st Birthday Gift

As you guys saw throughout my weekly updates, every week of Stella’s first year of life I took a picture of her on a different blanket. See the full year’s worth of photos here! I’m pretty stoked with how the project turned out, though I’m still trying to figure out what to do with all […]


So much to do, so little time. I am deeply in the midst of party prep right now, but I figured I should at least post a quick pic of my ONE YEAR OLD with her balloons last weekend. She was in awe. 🙂  

The Monday Snapshot – Owie Edition

On Friday I got home from work around 6pm, and my husband and SIL (who had watched Stella that day) were in the kitchen chatting while Stells crawled around on the floor. A little bit later, I was holding Stella and noticed a mark on her arm. It kind of looked like a burn, but […]

Obsessed with Babies

The PAIL Monthly Theme Post topic for October is “Obsessed with Babies.” Chandra posted some great topic starter ideas in her post on this last week – feel free to join in on the blog hop this month by writing your own post and submitting it with the form on this page!  Has infertility caused […]