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Stitch Fix #13 – Birthday Edition

For this month’s Stitch Fix box, I told my stylist that it’s my birthday next week so I’d like some fun shirts to choose from and maybe a new purse. Well… hm. Mixed results. I can already tell you what I am keeping from this fix and not, so this will be more of a […]

Stitch Fix #9 – Vegas & Fall Edition

As a quick recap, Stitch Fix is a stylist service for which you pay $20/box. The frequency of box shipments is up to you – (as often as every 2-3 weeks or on demand only), and if you keep any of the 5 items in each fix, your stylist fee goes towards the purchase price of what […]

Stitch Fix #8 – Anniversary Date Night

As a quick recap, Stitch Fix is an awesome stylist service that you pay $20/box for. You choose the frequency (ranging from every 2-3 weeks up to on demand only), and if you keep any of the 5 items in each fix, your stylist fee goes towards the purchase price. You give your stylist feedback […]

Stitch Fix #7 – Summertime Surprise

Like I mentioned on Monday, this Saturday is the memorial BBQ for my sis-n-law who died last year. I told my Stitch Fix stylist that and said that Jaime was a fun loving fashionista, so I’d love fun items that were outdoor BBQ appropriate but with style. Capris, shorts, tanks, shirts, accessories. Whatever she thought was best! […]

Stitch Fix #6 – So Much Better!

I know it has only been 3 weeks since my last Stitch Fix post, but I moved this box up just because I was hoping for one more awesome new item to bring on vacation with me next weekend. This fix wasn’t a 5/5 for me by any means, but it was way better than […]

Stitch Fix #5 – Consider Me Frustrated

Before receiving this last fix, I had switched my frequency to every 2-3 weeks for the next couple of months because I really wanted one Fix to focus on an outfit for the baby shower I’m throwing May 2nd and my next fix to be clothes for my trip to visit my sister on May […]

Stitch Fix Box #4 – Meh

I don’t know if my knee jerk reaction to this box is because it’s outside of my normal color palette or because I’m not feeling like spending money this month or because I’m feeling fat because I’ve put on a few pounds since weaning Harvey, but whatever it is, I’m not loving this box. I’m […]

Stitch Fix Box #3

Calling all opinions! After last month’s Stitch Fix post, I realized I should have asked y’all for input before sending items back, so this month I’m asking for feedback first and deciding what to keep second. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about the items on me! I definitely struggle with feeling like […]

A Tangible Birthday Gift to Myself

Well, I mentioned in my first Stitch Fix review that I’ve wanted a nice pair of boots for…well, forever. It is SO hard for me to buy any pieces of clothing / footwear that cost more than $10-20, so for a long time I’ve ended up with a pretty cheap wardrobe filled with ill-fitting clothing […]

Stitch Fix Box #2 – Not too Shabby!

After the awesome selection of items I received in last month’s Stitch Fix box, I was more than impressed with this service, and I hope those of you who signed up through my referral link feel the same way when you receive your first shipment! (ps – a huge THANK YOU to those of you who […]

Stitch Fix: Fashion Help for the Woefully Uninspired (aka – me!)

A fellow IF blogger (formerly known as SIF – though she now blogs under her real name here) started posting a few months ago about a new service she was trying out called Stitch Fix. At the same time, my old roommate (and close friend) also started posting on her Facebook page about it, and […]