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Fornication after Kids…the Survey Results!

First off, I had to giggle when I first looked at the results of this survey and realized 163 of you had taken it! 123 people responded to my first suvery about lopsided breasts, so apparently even more of you were curious about coitus than boobs. Who said women don’t talk about these things? 😉 […]

Postpartum / Postadoption Fornication Survey

Here we go y’all, it’s time for survey #2. Sorry, you’ll have to have a kid to participate in this one! My first poll (Lopsided Much?) was all about our breasts and their symmetry (or lack thereof). Survey #2 is going to be all about jumpin’ bones since it’s kinda sorta on my mind lately. […]

Lopsided…the Results :)

Okay, I am 100% sure I want to start making polls in my blog posts more often, because you guys definitely rock at taking them and this was so much fun to read through! My Lopsided Much? poll had 76 responses in the first 12 hours, which is pretty damn awesome of you all! I’m […]