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23 Weeks

Wowzers – time is just getting away from me lately, and honestly, I just haven’t had much to blog about. I’m working on a long, involved post about my research regarding the choices we have regarding all of the testing done during pregnancy, but other than that, I’m really just enjoying this part of the pregnancy […]

When I Think About You I ____ Myself

Admit it, it’s impossible to not start singing or humming when you read that line. Unfortunately for me (and my sex life), I now fill in that blank with the word pee. PEE. DAMMIT OAK, I know you warned me about the perils of not keeping up with my kegels, but this is ridiculous. I […]

Carpal Tunnel is No Joke

DUDE …yes, I just wrote “dude.” DUDE, it feels like everything from my left fingertips up through my left elbow is burning off. My right side isn’t too bad (I suppose b/c I’m a lefty?), but whoa, my left side… who knew that swelling and numbness could be accompanied by such a sharp burning sensation? Has […]

Apparently I Suck at Breathing

…yep, it’s official. I can’t breathe. I know the books all say that one should expect shortness of breath thanks to the increased blood volume your heart is pumping around, but wow, today was the first time it was abundantly clear that I have lost my breathing mojo. It all started when C and I […]

10 weeks, and lots of good news!

I figured I needed a balancing post after the sadness of yesterday, so here we go!*Even though I puked 4x yesterday and had a rough day, so far today I’ve made it to 5pm without a single yak. WHO-HOO!!! I’ve had 23 days in row of all day puking & nausea, and I am so hoping to […]

Ix-nay the ex-say*

*Mom, this may not be a post for you. 😉 So this is totally random, but PLEASE tell me that someday I’ll want to “get busy” again. My entire life I’ve had a higher drive than my partner, and for the past six years that I’ve been with my hubby, this has been no exception. […]

9 weeks, and multi-colored yawns

This was supposed to go up two days ago, but there was no way in hell that was happening. More on that in a sec… How far along? 9 weeksSize of baby? Cherry tomatoTotal Weight Gain? 3#Maternity clothes? If I ever got out of yoga pants, probably. My belly is super bloated & my boobs are […]

8 weeks!

I was talking to C on the phone this morning…he calls multiple times, every day, just to see how I’m feeling (i.e. if I’ve puked lately). Totally out of character for him.  🙂 At any rate, I said to him, “Can you believe I’m 8 weeks along already?  We’re 1/5 of the way to meeting […]

Midwives & Morning Sickness, 7w4d

Well, on the up side, small amounts of kombucha & beet kvass have been a lifesaver. I still have nausea most of the day, but I’m able to function at least a little. On the flip side, I’m still routinely puking at least a couple times a day. Yay. Peppermint hard candies have also helped, […]