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This is 3: On Going to the Movies

[Driving down the road to the “big town” 30 miles north of us where there’s a movie theater.] Stella, are you going to have fun going to the movies with me tonight?! I don’t know, Mom. Why don’t you know? Well, I’ve never gone to the movies with you before so I don’t know if […]

This Is 3: On Taking Comments Literally

Dad: Stella, you don’t get to watch a show tonight or have any dessert because you haven’t even touched your dinner. Stella: [silently turns towards him and touches her taco] (I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago, but I figured better late than never! She’s such a little smarty pants. LOL)

The Monday Snapshot – Scissors Edition

Yesterday, on Mother’s Day morning, I had my brother take a quick snapshot of us before church. It’s hard to get us all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, but we got a pretty cute one. Little did I know it’d be the last one of Stella with her long hair! […]

This is 3: On Remembering Jaime

Last Friday night, which happened to be Good Friday, I was sitting alone with Stella on the couch in our living room. Charlie was helping our friends set up a new crib they had just been gifted, and Harvey was in bed when I decided to ask her some questions about her Auntie Jaime. She was […]

This is 3: On Running Errands

Stella, if you ask me for ONE MORE THING I swear to God we are going back to the car, RIGHT.NOW. Last Monday I went to the town 30 miles away with both kids in order to do a dreaded Target/GroceryStore/CarWash/OilChange/Bank/etc big time errands day. In some ways this has become much easier as Stella has […]

This is 3: On Backseat Drivers

Yes, Stella. I know that red means stop. You don’t need to keep telling me that. We are 30 minutes into our 300 mile drive to Denver for a girls’ trip last weekend, and already Stella is becoming her trusty backseat driver self as soon as we got to the first town with stoplights. Ever […]

This is 3: On Kids & Swearing

Stella, we do not say that word, okay? It is not a nice word, and it is not okay for kids to say that word, do you understand me? It is 8am, and I have just heard a pretty shocking word come out of my child’s mouth. My husband has been harping on me for years […]

This is 3: On Sharing a Bedroom

STELLA JOAN. What are you doing in your brother’s crib? Get back in your bed RIGHT.NOW. It is 8:30pm, and I am 20 minutes into my workout in the downstairs living room. I am solo parenting because my husband is out of town on vacation, and I had stopped & muted the TV because I […]

This is 3: On Going to Work & Paying the Bills

Mama comes back, she always comes back, she always comes back to get you… ♪♫ It is 7:45am, and our Nanny and Stella are singing that little ditty to Harvey as I get ready to walk out the door. He is in a serious Mommy phase lately, and he’s always kind of a wreck when […]

This is 3: On Bathroom Privacy

Stella, I just need some privacy right now, okay? I am in the bathroom, wanting to pee in privacy for just one minute. Thankfully, Stella acquiesces. Since being potty trained around 18 months, she has always liked her space in the bathroom. This means she also (usually) gives us our space when it’s requested. I’m […]

This is 3: On Choosing an Outfit

But Stella, don’t you want to wear these dark jeans? These are great pants! I am in the kids’ bedroom, negotiating for what feels like the millionth time what my 3 year old will wear that day. If I’m on the ball, I try to pick out her outfit and bring it to her in another […]

This is 3: Who was in the wrong again?

STELLA JOAN. PUT YOUR ARMS BACK THROUGH YOUR STRAPS AND BUCKLE THAT CLIP RIGHT NOW! I am in our car, driving home with both kids in the back seat. It’s dark out, yet I can suddenly see Stella’s hands reaching forward between the front seats – a feat which should not have been possible if […]