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The Monday Snapshot, Wedding Edition

Last weekend was a busy one for us! On Friday we picked up the kids from school and drove about 3.5 hours to our good friends’ house for the evening. The kids played to their hearts’ content while the grownups had a few drinks and caught up. On Saturday morning we got up and had […]


Travel is one of my greatest passions in life. I love being a mom. I love being a social butterfly and having gatherings with my friends. I love going on rafting trips and ski dates with my hubby. But above all, I love being a mom and friend and wife who travels WITH her family […]


I posted yesterday about #Whole30, and afterwards I realized that I hadn’t posted in this space in nearly 2 months. How does that happen? For so many years I posted here at least 4-5 times a week, but as much as I miss it, I keep not making the effort to write in this space. […]

Bright Spots

The last 14 days have been a blur of waking up and thinking *what the actual fuck* every time I look at my phone. This administration scares the shit out of me on a daily basis, but I guess the upside is that I’m more motivated than ever before to make phone calls and talk […]


As my first post of 2017, I figure it’s only appropriate that it’s all about a new year, new goals, a fresh start…whatever you want to call it. I’m FEELING it in my soul, and I’ve been feeling it for a couple of weeks, which makes me happy. I’ll expound on my goals and such more […]

Passports for Kids

Well, yesterday afternoon was a total pain in the ass. I spent a lot of time this week diligently researching requirements & getting all of the paperwork in order for the kids’ passport applications. Form DS-11 was completed for each, duplicate photocopies of the front & back of Charlie and my drivers’ licenses were made, and […]

Internet Friends

Last summer when I ran that half-marathon with 3 other blog friends, we were talking during our walk home from breakfast the final morning about how cool it is that internet friends have become “real life” friends for so many of us. I truly mean it when I say that the friendships I have made […]

Day 23, #NaBloPoMo – Passports Required

One of the (many) things we talked about at my therapy session yesterday was my love of travel and how that topic has now become a source of sadness and frustration for me instead of sparking joy. I resolved then and there to change that aspect of my life. An hour after that appointment I saw […]

I Did It! WE Did It!

DANG you guys. Last weekend I ran 13.1 miles (or per my app, 13.48). My goal was to do it in 2 hours and 20 minutes. I realized pretty quickly that my app was off by a bit (and every mile it got off a little more), so that was pretty frustrating. I took a […]


Last week I left my house on a Wednesday night after tucking my kids into bed, and I didn’t return back to reality of parenting and work and the daily grind until Sunday late afternoon just before the start of the Superbowl (GO BRONCOS!). I literally didn’t know until an hour or two before leaving […]

My First Warm Christmas

For 33 years I have either been in Minnesota or Colorado for Christmas, so whether or not we had snow, it was always pretty cold on Christmas. However, this year my parents decided to rent a house in Arizona, so the entire family met down there! Most people flew in, but we decided to drive, […]

Tiny Tuesday Thoughts

I want to be back by a pool on vacation with great friends again. #ThatIsAll

The Monday Snapshot – Las Vegas Edition

Last Wednesday I got up at 3am and drove 600 miles to Las Vegas with two friends for the wedding of some good friends of ours. Vegas is SO far outside the realm of my normal life, but it was a fantastic time of hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, and having a total blast […]

The Monday Snapshot – Weekend Away Edition

Time has gotten away from me today between caring for a sick kid & playing catch-up at work, but I just had to at least throw a pic or two up here! Charlie and I went to a town about 2 hrs away last weekend with our best friends. The guys had a hockey tournament, and Marissa (my […]

The Monday Snapshot – Girls Weekend

I’m probably going to do an entire recap of this past weekend on my family blog, but suffice it to say that this past weekend was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. It was the first time I’ve done a trip with just Stella since Harvey was born, and it was SO fun to spend some quality time with […]

Adventures in Traveling

Last Wednesday afternoon when I posted this picture of Harvey and I walking into the airport, we were blissfully unaware of what the next 12 hours had in store for us. The plan was to take a quick puddle jumper flight to Denver (usually takes about 45 minutes), have a short layover there, and then take […]

Off to Minnesota!

I really didn’t think this was going to happen, but I laid in bed forever last night thinking about how to make it work, and I decided I didn’t want to regret not going to my Grandfather’s funeral because of work. I worked really long days the last two days trying to get as much […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about detours lately. Detours come in many shapes and forms and can affect our career paths, our family building journeys, our friendships & relationships…and even our travel plans. More on the deep stuff later, but in reality, we can either get frustrated as crap by the detours life throws at us […]

WWW – Post Vacation Check-In

I knew that traveling with my husband to his childhood stomping grounds would mean a weekend that REVOLVED around food, but I think I underestimated just how strong those childhood memories and food associations were! Fresh made fudge at The Fudgery (where his grandma used to take him as a kid and he actually recognized the worker […]

Pumping while Traveling sans Baby

Before we left on the trip to St. Louis last weekend, I was incredibly nervous about how the pumping aspect would go, especially when such a big portion of the (very quick) trip would be spent in very public places. I’m all about nursing in public and feel like I can do it pretty dang discreetly, but […]

The Monday Snapshot – Vacation Edition

I have so many fun pics to share from our trip to St. Louis (though not ONE with just me and the bride that’s not in the photo booth – *sad face*), but for now I’ll just leave you with this: It was a FANTASTIC, fun, super awesome, perfect weather, delicious food, cold beer, lots of […]

The Monday Snapshot – Travelers Edition

Well, this morning is back to real life for us! Thankfully the kids were amazing travelers yesterday like usual, so things went well through a very long day of traveling solo with them both. That completed Stella’s 8th trip and Harvey’s 2nd, so they have 32 and 8 flights under their belts respectively. It’s pretty […]

A Break from Real Life

I have SO much to say and to catch up on, but I basically haven’t touched a computer in the last week, and I have to say it’s been SO NICE. I miss y’all tons, but the disconnecting from everything has been pretty great too. Lots of quality time has been spent with family, old friends, […]

Flying with Breast Milk

When I first decided to do a girls’ trip in the middle of my larger Minnesota vacation to see family, my biggest concern was thinking about how to get enough breastmilk to MN to feed Harvey for the roughly 80 or so hours that I would be away from him. I’m leaving him with my parents on a […]

Leaving the Littles

Pre-parenting, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t be that person who couldn’t trust others to care for her kids from time to time in order to get some adult time under her belt. I admit that I couldn’t anticipate the level of love and devotion I would feel towards these little humans, but so far I think I’ve done […]