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Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

Hey everyone! So I know this will probably come across as petty and ridiculous to some, but it’s the truth, and that’s how I blog, so here ya go… 🙂 I don’t wan’t to freak out about weight gain while pregnant, but I also am a teensy-bit petrified of weight gain this time around, so […]

Freaking the F* Out

I probably should have quit temping to avoid this, but with Stella I kept on for a few more weeks. The last two mornings my temps have been way down (almost to my coverline) and it’s making me freak out that I didn’t start the P4 supplements soon enough. Has anyone had this happen and […]

TTC#2 Cycle 1 Thoughts

ETA – It feels completely weird to be writing a post like this after our first cycle of TTC#2. I have a few IF friends who got pregnant more easily with #2, and they were right – it totally throws you for a loop. It’s almost like I feel like I’m not allowed to claim […]

Blessings Abound

On Sunday morning I handed Charlie a pee covered stick as he stepped out of the shower and said: So this happened this morning… I’m just 4 weeks along today, with an EDD of January 8, 2014. We are basically existing in a state of shock and gratitude over here right now. God is good.

Jumbled Thoughts

Up. Down. Up. Down.  That’s what my heart has been doing lately. We have been vacillating between the some great highs but also a really sad low in our house lately, and it’s hard to even put together a coherent post about it all. Here are the high points… The lowest of lows: Axel. This little boy […]


I’m not quite sure where to start with this post, but it’s been brewing around in my head for awhile. It started last Friday night when I was having a beer via google hangout with my follow PAIL blogger contributors (I love technology!). Traathy asked me what was up with #2 since I haven’t talked […]


I started taking myo-inositol today. I first read about this at No Baby Ruth, and then read more over at Return to Go. It seems to have a lot of similar effects as metformin on PCOS patients, and I decided why the hell not. 🙂 I’m down to nursing 2x/day (morning and night), and still […]