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Since I normally do my weekly pregnancy updates on Thursdays, I’ve totally slacked on TVTs, so I’m doing a Thought Vomit Tuesday instead.  For those of you who are new to the game, there are no rules for TVT – it’s just an excuse to write out a bunch of your bulleted thoughts in a […]

Thought Vomit Thursday (or Friday, whatever!)

 Time for a compilation of pointless thoughts! Thanks Nat & Oak. *Yes, that was a large birthing room I showcased here from our hospital tour. It was the largest of the four rooms I guess, but actually had the smallest, crappiest bathroom/shower, so it’s actually NOT a room I would want if I get lucky and get […]

TVT, My First Attempt

Welcome to my first Thought Vomit Thursday… or in my case, thought vomit Wednesday. Since my weekly pregnancy updates have been on Thursdays I haven’t been participating, but that’s about to change…it’s just more likely that I’ll be posting this on a Wednesday or a Friday. Just go with it! For those of you who […]