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I Moved!

It’s going to take me a bit to figure out if there’s a way to auto-redirect people from blogger links to wordpress.com links, but in the meantime, please make sure you add mycheapversionoftherapy.com to your reader (my own domain!) as I will be moving this blogger site to private soon. Thanks! My Cheap Version of […]

WordPress Help!

I’m in the midst of moving everything to WordPress (mainly b/c their commenting system is SO much better), but I’m having an issue that I cannot figure out how to fix. I have links along the a bar that are automatically populated by my “pages” – and drop downs within those buttons to pages below […]

Words of Affirmation

Four years ago this month, my husband and I were married in a gorgeous ceremony on the side of the mountain, just minutes from where we now make our home. Four years ago this month, I received two copies of The Five Love Languages (one as a bridal shower gift, one as a wedding gift), and […]

Four Years

Char and I have been together since April 2005 and married since July 2008. This has been such a fun day to look back at everything that has changed in our lives over the past four years. July 19, 2008: Our Wedding Day – What an awesome day. July 19, 2009: 1st Anniversary – Camping […]

Stella Times…32 Weeks

Oh My Sleepy Stells Bells,  This has been a rough week in our house, because apparently you have mastered the whole “object permanence” thing, and sleep has just not been happening. Thank goodness I have a ton of wonderful friends who have given me lots of great ideas to try out to get you sleeping again. Hopefully […]


I just stared for awhile at a blinking cursor on a blank screen trying to think of a witty title for this post, but my glazed over eyes and foggy brain couldn’t think of a damn thing. Shit you guys, I need help. Stella has never been an amazing sleeper, but she was never a […]

Travel Abroad

The #1 activity I love to do – alone, with friends, or with family – is to travel. I love it. Loooove it. My first time on an international flight was during the summer I was 18, when I flew to Europe for an Ambassadors of Music tour (a choir and a band comprised of a […]

Memorable Moment Monday – Almost Crawling Edition

Playing on the floor this morning while I get ready for work… …and this pic is from yesterday. She is just so close…SOOOO close to crawling forwards (scooting backwards is the norm right now). On a side note, I pretty much adore dressing her in cute outfits that show off her cloth diapers. 🙂 Join […]

Considerations on Family Building

The PAIL Monthly Theme Post for July is “Considerations on Family Building.” In some ways, I cannot believe that TTC#2 is even on my radar already, but I suppose it makes sense that it is. I am the eldest of five children, and my husband is the middle of three. We are both blessed to […]

Stella Times…31 Weeks

My Stella Bella,  It’s been an interesting week in the S* household. You cut your first tooth this week (bottom left), and the picture above pretty much shows what you think about that. No fun. Luckily, last weekend we hit up your first baseball game, pre-tooth drama, and you were a total champ. It was […]

Memorable Moment Monday – Baseball Edition

I just had to put up two pictures this week, because you need both halves to fully understand what a great day we had yesterday. It was the first baseball game we have managed to make it to this summer (the closest semi-professional league is 2 hrs away), and Stella’s first game ever. So much […]

Stella Times…30 Weeks

To My Baby Bells…  This morning I woke up this morning at 6am when your Daddy came in to make sure I was getting up for the day. He always gives me a kiss goodbye and says “I love you” when he leaves for work. It’s important! When I looked over at you sleeping in […]

WWW 30w pp – Happy 4th of July!

Our corn is living up to the old saying of being “knee high by the 4th of July!” Granted, at my parent’s house in MN, it’s probably shoulder high (on an adult!), but this is in Colorado in our back yard, which has seen little to no rain this year. Stella doesn’t seem to mind. […]

My MIL Thinks I’m Crazy

So tonight was our 3rd softball game of the season (which we won – and I made an AWWWWWWWESOME catch, which basically made me feel like an athlete after years of not feeling like one). In the meantime, Nana (my husband’s Mom) was in charge of the baby at home, and as we were leaving, […]


Today was Stella’s first riverfest! Our town does an annual festival that includes a kayak rodeo (basically a funny competition where kayakers compete to do the coolest “tricks” in the water hole), a floating competition of junk boats that people build, live music, drinks and food. Charlie was working, so he had to miss it, […]

Stella Times…29 Weeks

My Darling Bells, Blowing bubbles, like always. You work VERY hard at this. LOL You are 29 weeks old and cute as ever! This week you started tilting your head further and further to the side until the person you are looking at acknowledges you, and it cracks us up every time. You’ll end up on […]

Memorable Moment Monday – The Park Edition

This is being submitted as part of PAIL’s 1st Memorable Moment Monday!  Stella’s 1st time in the swing and hanging out on a picnic table in the park this past weekend. 🙂  

Sad Girl

We have had a fairly grumpy, whiny, tired little girl on our hands all weekend, and we think it’s probably due to teething. It’s hard to see her feeling so poorly, and it’s also hard to get anything done because she is wanting to be held constantly, BUT, the upside is that I am getting […]

The Most Fun I’ve Had…

Don’t get me wrong, having Stella in our lives is its own kind of fun and joy and happiness, but last night is the first time I have truly felt like me since … well, since before I got pregnant.  On a whim, Charlie and I joined a local slow pitch, co-ed softball league this summer. […]

Stella Times…Week 28

 Dear Stella Joan,  Today was a big week for you (and for us), because you started sleeping in your crib! It’s not all night by any  means, but you are generally in there from 9pm-3am at least, if not until 5am, so that is pretty darn cool. It makes you seem like such a big […]

Now That’s a Lot of Polka Dots

For the past week or two, Stella has regressed to sleeping pretty horridly at night (waking up 4-5x like a newborn instead of the 1-2x we had gotten used to).  We had been putting her to bed, swaddled with one arm out, in the co-sleeper attached to our bed. She would sleep there most of […]

His First Father’s Day

This post is being submitted to the Monthly Theme Post on PAIL. Click here to find out how to join in! Luckily for my husband, Father’s Day never gave him negative/hard feelings while we were TTC. He was always very focused on celebrating his dad and was of the mindset of if it’s going to happen […]

Stella Times…Week 27

Dear Squeaks,  You are now 27 weeks old, and I feel like my “baby” is no longer. As of this week, you are eating solid foods, sitting up so well, and generally being a fun little kid to be around!  Your Nana loves to hang out with you. We are so blessed that she and Papa live […]

Baby Led Weaning…aka The End of the EBF Era

Lately, I find myself feeling incredibly conflicted and the phrase “six months old” scares the crap out of me. You see, my little girl is growing up SO quickly, and I’m just not sure if I am ready for it. For me, the first big step towards letting her grow up is related to breastfeeding. […]

Fun with Friends and Family

This morning Stella’s buddy Liam stopped by with his Mommy and we took a nice two mile walk around town (Day 10 of 100!) and then had some play time on the mat. Then this afternoon there was some more play time with Daddy followed by a good nap. Another wonderful Sunday. 🙂