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Stella Times…Week 26

Wow Bells Bells,  26 weeks ago..and tomorrow, exactly six months ago, your arrival changed our lives forever. Below are some observations from the past week…  The Columbines in our front yard seem even more beautiful when you’re around to enjoy them.  Walking in to see you conked out in the middle of our big bed […]

Classy and Fabulous

Oh my gosh E, this might be my favorite post to write in the past 2+ years, because holy freaking sh*t, you’re a Mom!!!So many of us have prayed for SO long for this time to come, and I have spent the past few weeks alternating between bouncing for joy and hysterically crying because I am […]

Stella Times…25 Weeks

Whoa whoa whoa Bells, Time needs to slow the heck down. How is it going by so quickly?! Your first summer holiday weekend started off pretty well. It was also graduation weekend, and you did great at the graduation itself. Since it’s a tiny class (about 20 people), the ceremony is incredibly personal and fun, because everyone knows […]

Sickness in the House

Today marks my first paid holiday since starting this new job when Stella was eight weeks old. As much as I appreciate the extra day at home with my baby, she and I have unfortunately spent the entire weekend battling runny noses, sore throats, and general malaise. The hardest part by far has been watching […]

I love Saturdays in Summer!

Every Saturday is a good Saturday when I get to wake up to this smiling face…even if it’s 7:15am and I’m exhausted with a pretty severe hangover. 🙂 Charlie, Stella and I just walked down to the park to check out the annual hot air balloon and vintage car festival, but the crazy gale force […]

Where Oh Where Has My Little PAIL Gone…

When Elphaba announced nearly three weeks ago that she was moving on to a new blog space for a fresh start, it made me sad, but I totally understood why. At the same time, she asked for bloggers to step forward who would like to keep the PAIL blogroll alive, and myself and three other […]

Stella Times…Week 24

To My Blue Eyed Baby Girl,  This week was a little calmer than last week, and that’s alright with me! After Nanamama and Grandpa left last Friday morning, you and I had the weekend to ourselves since Daddy wasn’t home from his trip yet. On Friday night, we did girls’ night with your Auntie J. […]

Stella’s First Brew Fest!

Last weekend, Charlie was still gone on his six day river trip with 10 of our good friends, and my parents had left to return to Minnesota the day before. That left me alone with the Stells Bells on a jam packed day. Saturday morning was the annual city-wide garage sale (where everyone brings their […]

Stella Times…Week 23

Dear Stella, This has been an awesome week, full of lots of time with your grandparents that live in Minnesota! It was also the first time your Daddy has left you for a night, and he is actually gone for six whole days!! He misses you SO much. It was your first time in the […]

"Bringing Up Bébé" – Book Club Review

FYI – This is my Bringing up Bébé book review for the first month of PAIL’s book club!  When Stumbling Gracfully first brought up the idea of a book club, I was immediately excited. Reading is something that I love to do, but unfortunately it has fallen by the wayside lately, and I needed something to kick […]

Happy Mother’s Day…from the LQ?

Okay, I just reread the title to this post, and I realized that the abbreviation LQ doesn’t make sense, but that is what we call it! Bear with me… it’s about alcohol, and I think you’ll like it. 🙂 I know that my feed will be inundated with sappy Mother’s Day posts today, and that […]

A New Kind of Photo Op (…or, a CD update)

I came home for lunch the other day, and my sister-in-law (who was there watching Stella) asked me if I had put the diapers out back as a photo op. I didn’t know what she meant until I looked outside and realized it really was pretty darn picturesque. 🙂 After 4 months of cloth diapering, […]

Stella Times…Week 22

Hey Baby! This the first time in your life that I’ve been a day late in getting this weekly post written up. It has been an insanely busy week around here, and we just completely ran out of time to get your 22 week picture taken yesterday. Sorry baby! You don’t seem to mind though. […]

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Guess what this little girl just did?! We always set her on the floor on her play mat in the mornings while we’re getting ready. This morning, I looked over and laughed at her because she had wiggled all the way off her mat. When I grabbed my camera to take a picture to show […]

Stella Times…Week 21

Dear Stella…  This week your favorite past time was to purse your lips and blow bubbles…while trying to talk non-stop. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever! You talk…and talk…and talk. Your voice actually changes octaves now, and it seems like you’re trying really hard to tell us the best stories. I can’t tell you how […]

She-Baby Shenanigans

Oak Oak Oak, Your ingenious mind organized me the best baby shower of my pregnancy, and your friends here in bloggy land decided that you deserved the same treatment. Your humor and perseverance  throughout a not-so-easy pregnancy is inspiring, and I cannot wait to meet the little she-baby that has been giving you a run for your money, […]

Weekends with the Bells

  A completely narcissistic look at an awesome weekend of hangin’ with my daughter 🙂  (and for pics of my hubby and our dog – click here!)

Stella Times…Week 20

Dear Stella,  You are now 20 weeks old (HFS!) and this week has been all about your legs and feet. Your legs, because I’m obsessed with dressing you in your new leggings, and your feet, because you’ve finally realized they are YOURS and you are very interested in them. 🙂  Mmmmm…..toes!   LOVE those chubby little legs. […]

Stella Times…Week 19

Dear Stells, You are now 19 weeks old, and you looooove to stretch and to stand. You are getting bigger and stronger every day – it’s so fun to watch you grow! The biggest thing that stands out about this week is you and your tongue – you are constantly sticking it out and chewing […]

What Kind of Parent am I?

This post is my contribution to the PAIL monthly theme post. For more information about how to join in, click here! Before I had a child, I assumed that I would be much more of a Type-A, schedule following, mainstream sort of parent than I have actually turned out to be. In fact, most people […]

2 Years In…

When we bought our new house two years ago next week, we gifted our old round, pine, standard dining table and chairs to some friends. We never really liked the set (a hand-me-down from Charlie’s college days), and we figured we’d buy a new set that fit the new house.  Well, we ended up spending […]

Stella Times…Week 18

Hey Twirp, Yes, that is the word of the week this past week. Twirp. You hit the four month mark, and you are showing SO much personality now, it cracks us up!  Last week you slept through the night for the first time (10 whole hours – though it was only a one time occurrence […]

Happy Easter!

Here’s a little blurb I wrote on my family blog about Easter: At the church service yesterday, Pastor Harry had a great sermon about “living it like you mean it.” Very cool. Then during the sharing of joys and concerns, there were so many prayer requests that were baby related – one for premature twins […]

Stella Times…Week 17

Dear Stella,  You are rubbing your eyes all the time – are you sleepy or have allergies like your Momma? We aren’t sure…  You are now 17 weeks old, and you will be four months old this Sunday on Easter. I can hardly believe it! Here’s a photo montage of our past week: We’ve been […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 17 Weeks Postpartum

Starting Weight: 6wk pp: 161# (at BFP weight)Last Week’s Weight: 157#Current Weight: 156.5# (-.5#) Starting BMI: 24.5Last Week’s BMI: 23.9Current BMI: 23.81. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal:  I’m 5’8″ and have a goal weight of 142# (BMI of 21.6), so I have 14.5# to go.I’m currently wearing size […]