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WWW – Plantar Fasciitis Edition

Well, I meant to write about this yesterday, but once again the day got away from me. We are training a new girl at work, so my time has been monopolized by helping her out and trying to get my own job done, which sadly leaves very little time for blog reading/writing. I MISS YOU […]

Thoughts on My First 21 Day Fix

This doesn’t get easier – you get stronger. (quoted from BeachBody coach Autumn Calabrese during one of her 21 Day Fix workouts) I am SO behind on blogging lately. I have a multitude of posts I want to sit down and take the time to write out well, but work has been insanely busy & my […]

Fit2B and #21DayFix in Bullet Points!

I’m trying not to write much about the 21 Day Fix and Fit2B programs that I am currently doing until the end of the month when I can give a good synopsis of them, but people have written me with quite a few questions already, so here are a few bullet points in the meantime! Fit2B Fit2B (which […]

The Monday Snapshot – 21 Day Fix Edition

My 21 Day Fix Challenge started yesterday, and so far so good! I’m loving the food and getting a hang of the prep work required. The workout this morning kicked my butt, but in a good way (and probably in no small part because it was 5:30am – ick!). 21 days of clean eating, no […]

WWW – FitBit & Foam Roller thoughts

I’m preparing to start the 21 Day Fix on Sunday which will hopefully take my health & fitness goals to an entirely new level, but in the meantime I figured I’d post a bit about my running goals and Fitbit thoughts! Ange is a blogger whom I met on vacation last fall at a mutual […]

WWW – What Motivates Me?

First off, I’m tired of writing monthly fitness posts that basically say I gave up again, I failed again, I put my health on the back burner again. My March goal results — not so great: Work on my diastasis recti. I completely failed at doing this. It took me a week to get signed up […]

February Recap + Fitness Goals for March 2015

February Fitness Goals Recap Mental Health: Take a page from my Mom’s book – slow & steady wins the race. Well, it was slow… not so much steady? But it was a chill month for me with food & drink overall, so that’s good. Nutrition: Continue to make mason jar salads and only drink beer 2-3x/week. […]

WWW – February Fitness Check-In

Well, as usual the month is flying by! As I did a workout with the kids this morning (it’s my day off), I decided I should write a quick post to keep me on track and accountable! Mental Health: Take a page from my Mom’s book – slow & steady wins the race. I’m doing well […]

The Monday Snapshot – Sunny Days Edition

We are definitely not used to seeing 60 degrees and sunny in the beginning of February in the mountains of Colorado, but the kids sure are happy about it! (PS, words can’t explain how happy it makes me to see Jaime’s bench in the background of all of my park pictures. The only thing better […]

January Recap + Fitness Goals for February 2015

During the first week of January, I wrote this post about my health & fitness goals for the month. Isn’t it amazing how the days and weeks just fly by in retrospect (for example, this was supposed to post yesterday, oops!)? It really is about all of the little choices. I find myself getting on […]

WWW – January 2015 Goals

I won’t call these New Year’s Resolutions, because really, this is just another month in my journey to live a healthier life. With that being said, Harvey is turning one on Monday (how in the world is that possible?!), and I AM ready to step it up and feel great in my body again, so […]

WWW – 2014 Year End Recap

I hope to find the time tomorrow to write a post about what 2014 has meant to me on a much larger scale than fitness, but since this started as a weight loss blog just over 5 years ago, I figured it was as good a time as any to write my traditional Weekly Wednesday […]

WWW – Pre-Christmas Vacation Trip

I didn’t write a Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in post last week since I’m in a holding pattern until Harvey’s first birthday next month, but I figured a pre-vacation check-in was in order to keep me accountable for the last couple weeks of the year! We will be on vacation from the 19th-29th, and I really want to […]

WWW – Post Thanksgiving Binge Week

So I’m sick, again. Strep throat this time (not the recurring, horrible full body illness I’ve been having the last few months, thank God), but still, I am over this! Yesterday I felt like death & like I had razor blades in my throat. It’s like my body cannot handle a few days of drinking and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Back to Reality

From last Tuesday – Saturday, my little sis and her husband were here. They are Godparents to both of our children, and the kids absolutely love them both. It was SO much fun to have them around for the Thanksgiving holiday and to get to spend some rare quality time with them. The kids agreed. […]

WWW – Kids Edition

So I honestly had no intentions of writing a post today because I’m pretty much in a holding pattern in the high 150s for now, and that’s pretty boring to write about. 🙂 Then this morning, Stella was digging through the closet in the guest bedroom for a toy and found my yoga mat. She […]

MILF Challenge Wrap Up – 9 Months Postpartum

Well, I’ve finished my 6 week workout challenge to myself, and overall I’m pretty happy with how I did. Progress, not perfection, right? 😉 Here were my goals: Keep tracking my food on MyFitnessPal at least 6 days a week. (85% of the time) I tracked 27/42 – 64% of the time (plus some half days where […]

WWW – DietBet results

Remember my post about Putting My Money Where the Scale Is? I’d call that a mixed bag of a challenge for me. My thoughts… It was motivating to spend $35 and want to win my money back and then some. Apparently 1/3 of people “win” challenges on average. I really wanted to be one of those people. […]

WWW – Post Vacation Check-In

I knew that traveling with my husband to his childhood stomping grounds would mean a weekend that REVOLVED around food, but I think I underestimated just how strong those childhood memories and food associations were! Fresh made fudge at The Fudgery (where his grandma used to take him as a kid and he actually recognized the worker […]

WWW Check-In: 8.5 Months Postpartum

Well, I’m 2 weeks 1 day into my 4 week DietBet weight loss challenge and 3.5 weeks into my 6 week MILF workout challenge, and things aren’t looking so hot for me to hit my weight loss goal. It’s possible, but not probable. Starting Weight: 160.4 Current Weight: 157.4 Goal Weight: 154.0 Yes, it looks like I’m almost […]

WWW…er…Another MILF Post?

I might be going back to WWW instead of MILF (Weekly Wednesday Weigh-Ins vs. Mom in Love with Fitness) for the titles of these posts. I dunno. Thoughts? I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around the new MILF acronym instead of the old one. 🙂 ***** At any rate, I just wanted […]

Putting My Money where the Scale is

I feel like my posts are jumping all over the place lately, but I suppose that’s because my life is a little busy, a little nuts, a lot happy, and a little sad… and my writing reflects that. At any rate, thanks for sticking with me through the ups and downs. 10 days in, I’m […]

MILF Check-In: 7.5 Months Postpartum

Well, somehow I got off schedule from writing my monthly fitness updates, but I’m happy to report that I’m still at it and seeing results on the scale! I started both pregnancies at 161# (I’m 5’8″ tall), and I saw 156.6# on the scale this morning! My goal is to get down to 150#, and I’m […]

MILF Check-In: 6.5 Months Postpartum

On a whim this morning I decided to change the name of my weight loss/fitness check-in posts. For nearly 5 years I’ve called them WWW (Weekly Wednesday Weigh-ins), but I rarely write these on Wednesdays anymore, and I want the focus to be more on total body fitness than just weight and weight loss, so […]

Weight Loss Check-In: 6 Months Postpartum

May 1, 2013: 161# – 4w pregnant January 12: 181.2# – 40w4d pregnant January 15: 166.5# – 3d postpartum February 12: 163.9# – 1m postpartum March 12: 162.3# – 2m postpartum March 15: My SIL died. I eat & drink my way through grief. April 12: 167.0# – 3m postpartum May 12: 168.3#​ – 4m postpartum June 12: […]