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WWW – 5 Months Postpartum

Phew, how has another month already passed us by? It’s a great reminder when it comes to physical health and fitness that time will pass us by whether we are making healthy decisions or not, and we might as well keep inching our way towards our goals instead of away from them. May 1, 2013: […]

WWW – Upping My Step Count

Okay, I know I said I was focusing on nutrition more than exercise this month, but so far it’s been a little bit the opposite. My daily average step count has gone from 3,000 to 9,000. That’s a big change! I even had a 20k step day last weekend, which crushed my previous record of […]

WWW – Back on Track

In the past 9 days I’ve gone from 168.3# to 163.6# – other than immediately postpartum, I’ve never dropped weight that quickly, especially when I’m still eating close to 2,000 calories per day. I assume I was just super bloated, but it sure is nice to see some immediate results to keep me motivated! It’s […]

WWW – 4 Months Postpartum

Well, I meant to write this post earlier this week, but I didn’t…probably because it sucks to check in and admit you haven’t done a damn thing differently in the past month. Here’s the deal – I worked really hard during my pregnancy to be fit & healthy. I gained 20# by 40w4d and felt […]

WWW – 7 Weeks PP – Multitasking

So this week has been all about multitasking and figuring out how to get a workout done even when I have 2 little kids to take care of and things to do. Next Monday I’ll be back at work (though thankfully only part time the first 3 weeks), and it’s only going to get harder […]

They’re Always Watching

I have definitely felt lately like we’re at the height of the imitation phase with Stella. Everything I do, she wants to do, and I realized today that extends to working out (DUH, right?). I had planned on doing Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred during nap time (have I mentioned yet that my […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 1 Month Postpartum

FYI, for those of you who would rather read about my cute kid’s 1 month weight check instead of mine, you can read it over here. 🙂 ***** I had an entire post written up for this a few days ago, but I ended up pretty much scrapping it and starting over this morning because […]

WWW – Touching Base!

FYI – this is just a quick “touch base” post since it’s Wednesday and I want to get back in the habit of checking in about health & fitness — by no means am I working on losing weight yet! Here’s the post I wrote at 1 week postpartum with Stella. I was stoked I had […]

the body

Having a positive body image is a tough thing for most women. I admire the woman who feels supremely confident in her own skin at all times, but I have a feeling those women are few and far between. As those of you who have been following me for a long time are aware, I […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

Hey everyone! So I know this will probably come across as petty and ridiculous to some, but it’s the truth, and that’s how I blog, so here ya go… 🙂 I don’t wan’t to freak out about weight gain while pregnant, but I also am a teensy-bit petrified of weight gain this time around, so […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 162.9# -Current Weight: 160.8# / BMI 24.4 Avg Daily Steps – 6,391 (goal was 6,000/day) Avg Daily Calories –  1,582 (avg deficit of 689/day) # Floors Climbed – 117 (goal was 100) Focusing on nutrition has been going really well for me this past week. It’s a good […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 164.3# -Current Weight: 162.9# -Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 6,411 (goal was 9,000/day) Avg Daily Calories –  1,610 (for 5 days I tracked – avg deficit of 40/day from my goal) # Floors Climbed – 74 (goal was 150) I was 203 over the goal MFP […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Post Vacation Edition

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 164.0# -Current Weight: 164.3# -Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 8,317 (goal was 9,000/day) Avg Daily Calories – N/A (didn’t track in STL for 5 days) # Floors Climbed – 107 (goal was 150) I’m honestly pretty happy with this week! I either sprained or broke my […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 164.1# -Current Weight: 164.0# -Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 9,534 (goal was 8,000/day) Avg Daily Calories – 1,725 (847 deficit/day) # Floors Climbed – 147 (goal was 100) Well, my weight actually fluctuated UP most of the week, so I’m glad the overall Wednesday morning […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 163.7# -Current Weight: 164.1# -Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 7,700 (goal was 7,000/day) Avg Daily Calories – 1,513 # Floors Climbed – 82 (goal was 150) GAH. Okay, so I forgot to wear my FitBit from 8am-1pm last Friday and again yesterday ALL DAY (8am-6pm), […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 164.6# -Current Weight: 163.7# -Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 6,608 (goal was 7000/day) Avg Daily Calories – 1,660 (600 deficit/day – goal was 750 deficit/day) # Floors Climbed – 131 (goal was 100) I didn’t work out for the past 3 days, so it makes sense […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 165.1# -Current Weight: 164.6# -Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 8,231 (goal was 6,500/day) Avg Daily Calories – 1,688 (822 deficit/day – goal was 750 deficit/day) # Floors Climbed – 114(goal was 100) Well, my calorie intake was up, but so was my daily step count, […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Little Eyes Edition

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the numbers from this past week, go check out my friend Type A‘s blog post about the lessons we are teaching our childen about health and moderation. It’s a good read, I promise. Type A is one of the very first bloggers I started following around four […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3 -Last Week’s Weight: 165.9# -Current Weight: 167.2# -Goal Weight: 152.0# / BMI 23.1 Avg Daily Steps – 6,412 (well above my goal of 5k/day!) Avg Daily Calories – 1,422 (6758 deficit in the past week) # Floors Climbed – 72 (goal is 70) So this was another good week […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Staying On Track!

Starting Weight: 172.9# (02/05/2013) – I’m 5’8″ & medium build. Last Week’s Weight: 169.1# Current Weight: 165.9# – I think the bloat is finally down (7# in 2 weeks? Ridiculous.) and from here on out will be more slow and steady wins the race. Goal Weight: 152.0# Avg Daily Steps – 6,647: Based on my SUPER […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Fit Bit One Edition

Remember when I got a FitBit Ultra last summer? … and loved it? and then lost it? *sigh* Well, my Mom got me a new one for my birthday last month (actually, she got me the new Fit Bit One), and I am loving having one again.  First off, it opened my eyes to how much […]

WWW – Post Holidays Edition

4 weeks ago at 163#, I posted with some grand aspirations of being healthy and active through the holidays while using MFP to keep myself accountable and lose some weight before my sister’s wedding. Well, I pretty much sucked ass at that. Actually, I did great the first week, but for the last three weeks I’ve […]

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

First off, the spin class last Wednesday kicked my butt, but it was awesome! So glad I went, even though it caused me to feel like I had been repeatedly punched in the crotch the next day. Fun. Any advice on good cycling shorts/capris that would pad that area in the future? I’m actually skipping […]

Wednesday Fitness Inspiration

First off, watch this and know that my next door neighbor “One Arm Pete” is a bad ass. You will not regret watching one single second of the next eight a half minutes. Gimp Monkeys from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo. Ya. Right? My favorite quote from Pete: It’s all about attitude and it’s all about perception. […]

100 Day Challenge #2 – 25 Day Check-In

50/100 drinks (50%), 3,600/15,000 sit-ups (24%) So…yeah. I’m pretty sure I underestimated how much I drank this past summer, because I know I’ve cut back, and I’m still at double my goal. Oops. Though, I guess if I was estimating 3 drinks a day, I’ve consumed at least 25 drinks less in the past month than […]