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Wordless Wednesday – Lover of the Tiny Animals

Wordless Wednesday – Pool Party Edition

Wordless Wednesday: The Midwife’s Office

Wordless Wednesday – True Friends

My wonderful friend, L, who let us crash with her for 5 days in Denver. Thanks honey! 

Wordless Wednesday – Faith

Wordless Wednesday – Our European Twins

HAHAHA. Yeah, I know, not so much, but, I think it’s telling that I’ve been obsessed with Prince William since childhood, and I ended up marrying a guy that looks so much like him. Now if only I could look like Kate. 🙂 Check out this video interview of them – it made me love them both […]

Wordless Wednesday – The First Snow (on Monday)

Remember what my backyard looked like on Monday?!

Wordless Wednesday – How the years fly by…

11 years ago Christmas 1999 – We sent out different cards to different people. It still cracks me up. 🙂

Wordless Wednesday – A Visit from Honeymoon Friends

We met in Jamaica on our honeymoon, and 2+ years later, the Californians & Coloradans reunite!

Wordless Wednesday – Another Beautiful Mountain Wedding

WHY does Blogger turn pictures?! This is at the rehearsal dinner. The Wedding Site Photo Courtesy of the Groom’s Facebook. 🙂

Wordless Wednesday – Lovin’ the New Camera

FYI – the spec top/right is actually on the mirror I was facing while taking this picture.

Wordless Wednesday – Rafting E to D Last Weekend

Wordless Wednesday – Preikestolen

Why traveling is so important to my happiness… 

Wordless Wednesday – I am the epitome of a fashionista!