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WWW – Week 14, 46%

Sometimes I look at slow and steady progress and feel extremely disappointed with myself that I don’t tend to skip that extra beer or slice of cheese in order to get to my goals faster. Other times I look at my slow and steady progress and remember to rejoice that I weigh about 10# less […]

WWW – Week 13, 40%

Well, a week of tracking clearly makes a big difference! I’m back to my previous low weight since starting this journey (which I initially hit 5 weeks ago), so that’s annoying and great all at the same time. Starting Weight: 190.3#Last week: 184.4#Weight Lost: 2.6#New Weight: 181.8#Total Weight Lost since 1/1/2019: 8.5#Weight Left to hit […]

WWW – Weeks 10/11/12, 28%

Whomp whomp… isn’t it funny (and not haha-funny) how easy it is to let go of our best intentions and fall back into old habits? Clearly the month of March was a bust for me. Nothing crazy, but extra calories here and there make a difference for sure in seeing the scale trend in the […]

WWW – Week 9, 39%

Starting Weight: 190.3#Last week: 181.8#Weight Loss This Week: +0.2#New Weight: 182.0#Total Weight Lost: 8.3#Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 13.0# I’ve basically been at a standstill for the past two weeks (or really, the last month), and that’s 100% because of my diet. I’m still only semi-tracking, and it […]

WWW – Week 8, 40%

Starting Weight: 190.3#Last week: 182.0#Weight Loss This Week: 0.2#New Weight: 181.8#Total Weight Lost: 8.5#Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 12.8# Whomp whomp. Yup, it was a half-ass week and I got half-ass results. Wed: No tracking + 30m AMTThurs: 1,670 cal + 30m AMTFri: No tracking + snowboarding with […]

WWW – Week 7, 39%

Starting Weight: 190.3#Last week: 183.0#Weight Loss This Week: 1.0#New Weight: 182.0#Total Weight Lost: 8.3#Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 13.0# Stats this past week (Wed-Tues): Workouts: 5 1 day snowboarding 4 AMT workouts (30 min. each) Food Tracking 4 days food tracked entirely 1 day forgot to track dinner […]

WWW – Week 6, 35%

Starting Weight: 190.3#Last week: 183.8#Weight Loss This Week: 0.8#New Weight: 183.0#Total Weight Lost: 7.3#Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal on June 1: 14.0# Baby steps, baby steps! I need to work on tracking my food more diligently to get back on the 1# of loss per week train, but continuing to lose overall is […]

WWW – Week 5, 31%

Starting Weight: 190.3#Weight Loss This Week: -0.3# (gain) New Weight: 183.8#Total Weight Lost: 6.5#Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal on June 1: 14.8# Well, I had a slight backslide this week, but I pretty much expected that since I was in Las Vegas for 4 of the 7 days! My husband and I had an […]

WWW – Week 4, 32%

Starting Weight: 190.3#Weight Loss This Week: 1.2# New Weight: 183.5#Total Weight Lost: 6.8#Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal on June 1: 14.5# I weigh in daily when I’m working on my health like this because research shows that’s the most effective way to be successful with weight loss. It definitely keeps it in the forefront […]

WWW – Week 3, 27%

Whoop whoop! I’m officially 37, which somehow makes me feel old as hell, even though I usually don’t care about my age at all. I’m pretty sure that’s because I’ve been stuck at age 27 in my head for (*gulp*) a decade now, so it’s eye opening to realize that I really need to adjust […]

WWW – Week 2, 24%

It’s time for my week 2 check-in! I was a little bit all over the place because of events and then being sick, but I hung in there and did pretty well overall. It’s a process getting back in the habit of eating mindfully and not just grazing and drinking without thought! Starting Weight: 190.3#Weight […]

WWW – Week 1, 18%

Whoop whoop! The first week of eating mindfully is always such a shock to my system (in a good way). I had a couple of days where I was fairly hungry, but I’m guessing that was mostly because of the sugar cravings and my stomach being used to eating way too much food at a […]

WWW – Week 0, 0%

What is it about a new year that makes it feel exciting to start fresh on a project? 🙂 This year, my project is ME! I started tracking my food yesterday (even though it was a travel day home from Mexico), and this morning I stepped on the scale at 190.3#. I figure that’s as […]

WWW – January 2019 Goals

Hey everyone… I’m back! Somehow, it’s been nearly 8 months since I’ve been in this space again. I’ve been thinking about things, and really, it comes down to the fact that I avoid it when I feel down about my life choices and embarrassed that I haven’t gotten a handle on my health yet. At […]

WWW – Week 9, 27%

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9# Last Week’s Weight: 178.0# This Week’s Weight: 177.2#

WWW – Week 8, 24%

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9# Last Week’s Weight: 179.5# (3 weeks ago) This Week’s Weight: 178.0#

WWW – Week 5, 20%

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9# Last Week’s Weight: 181.9# This Week’s Weight: 179.5# My goal was to be in the 170s by today (I leave for a work retreat in Mazatlan early tomorrow morning), and I did it! Honestly, I stood on the scale at 5am when I woke up and saw 180.0# on the dot, […]

WWW – Week 4, 13%

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9# Last Week’s Weight: 183.1# This Week’s Weight: 181.9# (down 1.2#, though I was down to 180.8 on Sunday)  Well, I had a great week overall. My weight was actually the lowest on Sunday morning, and even though I had good food tracking days Sunday-Tuesday, for some reason my weight popped back […]

WWW – Week 3, 10%

Well, I went a little off the rails last Wednesday – Saturday. There was a lot going on (snowboarding with my brother, the anniversary of my SIL’s death, a friend’s band opening for a local concert, my husband’s hockey tournament, and an overnight 3 hours from home for St. Patty’s Day with an old friend […]

WWW – Week 2, 14%

Quick post from my phone in the car this week, but I’m so happy to be on this journey and feeling great about it! Onward and downward. 😉 Last Week’s Weight 3/8/2018 – 184.6# Week 2 Goals: Work out an average of 30 minutes / day Track my food every day in MFP. You can’t […]

WWW – Wk 1, 6%

Last week I wrote a post about Fear. Fear of failing…fear of so many things. I’m tired of being afraid, so I’m doing something about it.  For many years I was great at writing my Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In posts. It transformed to TISW for awhile (The Incredible Shrinking Wife) and to MILF (pretty self-explanatory, ha!), but […]

Day 2, #NaBloPoMo – WWW

Oh how I detest writing updates that basically say I haven’t done shit with my goals, but that’s the truth, and so on day 2 of #NaBloPoMo, that’s what I’m writing in this space. On the upside, I’ve been pretty good the last few weeks about not spiraling out of control with my nutrition choices. […]

WWW – The Beginning, Again

Okay folks, if you follow me on MyFitnessPal, then you’ve seen that I’m working on getting back into logging my calories and toeing the line for my nutrition. I really like the 21 Day Fix containers because they have taught me a lot about how to get in the right ballpark of macros and calories […]

WWW – Ankle Issues

Well, I damn near broke my ankle last Tuesday night by twisting it (turning it over on the outside) while going up the stairs, so running and working out in general is completely on hold right now. I went from zero weight-bearing and crutches only last Wednesday to walking pretty well on it one week later, […]

Emerald Coach

Less than 3 months ago I decided to give coaching with Beachbody a try. I was already using one of their programs and loving it (21 Day Fix), and between the incentive of the coaching discounts and the allure of the accountability of having teammates and customers, I decided to go for it. Let me […]