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I follow a lot of different blogs and I’m sure I missed a few here, but I’ll try to keep this updated. I just like having a list of who to pray for at night! Within the three TTC categories, I try to organized the blogs by length of TTC. If I’ve screwed up anything about you, please let me know and I’ll fix it up asap! Praying to see us all in that Mommy category, sooner rather than later. 🙂


Cheyenne @ waiting for marshmellows – TTC since Mar2010. (MFI) Matched on Christmas Eve – waiting on finalization of everything! 


Beeker’s Mom @ The Adventures of Beeker – BFP 3/15/13 after IVF#2.  TTC since Oct09. 1 m/c of twin girls @ 18 weeks after IVF#1.

Michele @ Greetings from Nowhere, NM – BFP 2/18/13 after IVF#1. TTC since Feb10. Possible MF. Hashimoto’s. IUI#1 BFN.

Liz @ Compromised Fertility –  BFP 02/04/13 from FET#4. TTC since June10. 1 nat’l m/c. Lost left tube. PCOS. 2 failed clomid IUI. IVF & FET #1 both cancelled – fluid in uterus. FET#2 failed. IVF#2 chem preg. IVF#3 chem preg. FET#3 BFN. IVF#4 BFN.

Jill @ Infertility unexplained – BFP 10/19/12 from IVF#2. TTC since Feb09 (unexplained IF). 4 failed IUIs (1 chem preg). Empty sac after IVF & m/c after FET.

Mommies whose IF journey I followed:

Summer @ Livin’ the “Young” Life – Carter 3/13/13 BFP on Letrozole cycle. TTC since fall 2008 (Endo). 1 ectopic.

Amanda Our Fertility Journey – Brooklyn May 3/5/13 after Natural BFP! TTC since Oct08 (hypothalamic amenhorrea), 3 m/c. 3 IUI cycles and 1 failed IVF

Natalie My Blog is Boring – Geneva 3/4/13 after 1 m/c

Jan @ Mrs. H – Little girl! BFP after IVF#2. IVF#1 failed. Aug ’04 28w loss (Christine).

MrsRKelly (Rachel) Awaiting my miracle – Jackson Clayton 01/16/13 Surprise BFP 5/4/12 Twins, but one quit growing. TTC since Oct07 (stage 4 endo & kissing overaies). 3 failed IUIs – 1 failed IVF. 1 chem m/c on natural cycle.

Kira @ Bleeding Tulip – Seedling 12/29/12. Natural BFP. TTC since Aug09 (PCOS). 1 m/c. 1 failed surrogacy.

Lanie Unruffled Lanie – Everleigh Wynn 12/28/12. Surprise BFP 4/24/12 just before IVF#2 in Barbados. TTC since Mar10. 2 failed IUIs. 1 failed IVF. HA & possible egg quality issues.

The Cornfed Feminist  V 11/09/12. BPF on femara. TTC since Jan10. PCOS. 3 failed IUI.

Shannon solo pronto – Easton 11/08/12.  TTC since Feb09. (endo) 3 failed IUI. 1 m/c.

C @ Let There Be Sims – Cecelia Rose 10/29/12. BFP after FET. TWINS, but only 1 matured. TTC for 6 years. 1iui and 4ivfs failed.

Izzy @ Eggceptional Blues  Archie 10/15/12. BFP after Clomid. TTC since fall 2010. PCOS and slight MFI.

Johanna @ Mommyland – Olive 09.21.12 Little girl! Natural BFP 1/9/12 (conceived quickly). Fable Mariann 7/5/10 TTC since Nov08. 3 rounds Clomid.

BU @ Relaxing Doesn’t Get You Pregnant – London Grace 9/21/12 Surprise Natural BFP. Logan Charley (Baby Boy #2) 3/27/11 TTC 2yrs9mo. 3 m/c.

Jill @ Happy Hopefuls Emerson Ann 8/24/12. Natural BFP Dec2011. Coen Thomas 6/10/11. TTC since summer06. 1 m/c.

Mrs S.(Sarah) @ Him + Me = 3? Maybe. – Lillian Josephine 8/19/12. Natural cycle. TTC since Sept08 (PCOS). Metformin. 1 m/c

Krista (just a girl) @ My Infertility Road – Logan Drew 8/5/12BFP after FET @ CCRM Severe MFI.

Chandra @ Metholic’s Blog – Stella Joan 6/26/12. Natural BFP after 1 failed IVF and 1 m/c. TTC 2+ yrs.

Chon @ Life Beings – Molly Grace 7/11/12. BFP after IVF3.3. Unexplained IF, recurrent pregnancy loss. NK cells.

Deanna @ Mis(sed) Conception –  Madden David 7/7/12 BFP after FET. (Twin girl passed away) 1 m/c after natural BFP for TTC#2. Gavin James 2/28/11 TTC since Aug08 (unexplained IF).. IVF#1 = BFP.  5 failed IUIs. 

Katie @ from IF to when – Adopted (little girl) 7/2/12. TTC since May08 – 4 unsuccessful IUIs (endo & unexplained IF and cysts)

Niki @ My Accidentally on Purpose – Zoey 6/23/12.  Natural BFP. (PCOS & low P4). 1 failed Clomid round.

Baby Hopes @ Chasing Our Stork: From ART to Adoption –  Baby Girl “S” 6/15/12. Surprise Natural BFP.  Also in the midst of adopting brother and sister! TTC since May05. 1 early m/c. 1 failed IVF. Hash.imoto’s Thy.roiditis

Oak @ Acorn Chronicles – Bri.dget O.Shea 6/10/12 Natural BFP 9/25/11 (1 month TTC for #2) Cormac (Mac) O’Shea 3/17/11 TTC since July09. 1 chem. pregnancy. IUI#1 = BFP.

Maria @ Mission: Fertile Soul – Adopted (little boy) 5/25/12. TTC since Aug05. Stage 2 endo & scarring. I failed IUI. 2 failed IVF. FET chem preg.

E @ Many Many Moons – Adopted! Am.eli.a Gr.ay 5/19/12. TTC since Feb09. Ectopic (lost left ovary & tube). Fragile X carrier. 5 failed IUIs. 

Alyssa @ Crossing My Fingers but Not My Toes – Autumn 5/18/12BFP after IVF#2. TTC since Oct09. Severe MF. I failed IVF. 1 twin quit growing.

Nico 16: No period baby! 30: No period baby?  Cameron 4/24/12. BFP after IVF. TTC for #3 since May10. 1 m/c.

Iveta @ Little Diiorios – Olivia Mila 4/5/12. BFP after IVF#2 at CC.RM. TTC since June08. 1 failed IVF. MFI.

Sara @ Time Well Wasted – Benjamin Miles 4/17/12.  TTC since Aug08. 5 failed IUIs. Endo.

Sarah @ Baby Talk  Samantha Roselyn 3/8/12. BFP after IVF#1. TTC since early08. 1 m/c. Chrons Disease. 3 failed IUI. Stage1 Endo. 1 twin quit growing.

Jessica @ Dreams of a Baby – Kendra Rose 3/6/12 Adopted. TTC since May08. 6 IUIs, 2 IVF, 1 FET, 1 surrogacy – all unsuccessful. 

Jessica @ Journey to the Center of the Uterus – Anderson LeGrande & Baney Stephens 3/5/12. BFP after doner egg IVF. TTC since Apr05. 7 failed IUIs and 2 IVF – one BFP but m/c (endo)

Krista @ Diary of taking small steps towards baby steps – Landon Matthew & Andrew Mason 2/2/12. BFP after IVF#3. Twin boys! Triplets, but one quit growing. TTC since June08. 1 failed FET. 4 failed IUIs. OHSS on IUI#1. PCOS. IVF/FET#1 – Chem preg

Jay @ The 2 Week Wait – Michael Jay (MJ) 1/27/12. BFP after IVF#3. TTC since Mar09. 3 failed IUI. 2 failed IVF.1 polyp removed.

Amy @ Pearls and Curls  Ellie 1/12/12. TTC since late09.

St. Elsewhere @ My Lady of the Lantern – “Season” 1/11/12.  TTC since Oct04. 1 failed IVF. 1 neonatal loss.

Andrea Tales from a Locked Womb – Kathryn Elaine 1/7/12BFP IUI#2. TTC since July07 (unexplained IF) 

Carlia @ The Stork Drop Zone  Mack 1/5/12BFP by gestational surrogate. TTC since 2002. 1 chem preg after IUI. 

Brandi @ The Hudack Family  Savannah Necole 12/28/11. BFP natural cycle. TTC since Mar10. PCOS. 1 chem preg.

Melissa G @ Banking On It  Leah Marjorie 12/22/11BFP after IVF#1. TTC since Aug07. Severe MFI, Ovulatory PCOS, MTHFR, elevated TH1, TH2 and Natural Killer cells. 6 failed dIUIs. 

Amy @ Chapters – LC 12/22/11. Adopted 3/17/12. TTC for 10+ years. PCOS. Multiple failed IUIs.   

Stacey @ Three G’s in a Pod – Zach Ryan – 12/19/11. RPL, lost a tube, ovarian cyst.

Julia 3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Baby – Ethan 12/16/11. BFP natural cycle. TTC sinceMar09. Endo, some MFI.  1 m/c.

Shannon @ Keeping Up with the Cardwells – Grace Elise 12/15/11. TTC since Mar07. One m/c.

Elphaba @ Yolk…A blog about eggs and sperm – Alice 12/11/11. TTC since Sept09. One m/c.

Miss Mac @ MAC and PC – Hampton 12/10/11. BFP after IVF#1. TTC since July2005. 2 IUI BFNs.

Josey (ME!) My Cheap Version of Therapy – STELLA JOAN 12/8/11. BFP Apr12 after IUI#1.  TTC since July09. PCOS / unexplained IF

Me and You, Just Us & a Miracle Baby Too – Roman 12/6/11. BFP after IVF#1. TTC since Aug09. Endo.

SLESE1014Fertility Frustration – Raegan Mary 12/4/11.  BFP from IVF#1. TTC since June07. 5 failed IUIs (2 chem preg). Unexplained IF.

Bobbi @ The Johnson’s Journey – Tristan Nathaniel. 12/2/11. BFP from FET. TTC since Sept08 for #2.

AP @ My Dusty Uterus – Little Boy 11/22/11. BFP nat’l cycle. TTC since July10. Amenorrhea. 

Coakley’s Journey Babymaking Fully Exposed. Madison Lynn & Jackson Thomas 11/7/11. BFP from IVF#2. TTC since June06. 6 failed IUI. 1st IVF BFP then m/c. 

One Day @ Are We There Yet? – Grace Irene & Caleb Michael 10/22/11. BFP after 2nd IVF. Severe Endo.

A @ Remember All the Way – Maryanne 10/4/11. Natural BFP! TTC since Jan08. 3 IUIs & 1 IVF unsuccessful.

Secret Sloper Park Slope Purgatory – Smudgie Sloper 10/4/11. BFP from IUI#3. TTC since Mar09.

My So Called (TTC) Life – Hayes Miller 10/3/11. BFP from IVF#1! 4 IUI BFNs.

Michelle @ No I’m Not Fat, Just Pregnant – Valerie Christine & Quinn Patrick 9/22/11. BFP from FET#1. TTC since Nov08 (PCOS & azoo). 1 failed IVF with ICSI & donor back-up.

Auntie Em @ My CCRM IVF Journey – Violet Hope & Layla June 9/13/11. TTC since Oct08.  BFP from IVF#2 (at CCRM).

Rachel @ Wade’s World  Easton Bentley 9/10/11. TTC Since April09.

To Those Who Wait – Lyla, Quinn, & Paige 8/12/11. BFP from IUI#1. TTC since Aug07 (CF)

Kelly @ The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow (I Hope) – Alaina 7/1/11. TTC Since July08 (4 m/c)

Kristen A Tale of Two Babies – Catherine Elizabeth & Emily Marie born 6/28/11. IUI + injectibles

Brittany @ The Goodyear Family – Savannah Grace 6/24/11. TTC since Mar09.

Sabrina @ Damn the Rabbits – Emmett 6/22/11. Clomid + IUI. TTC since Mar09 (PCOS & morph issues). Twins, but lost one early on.

Ana @ Life, Love, Infertility – Isabella 6/3/11. Doner Egg IVF. TTC since Nov06.

Al @ Mission: Motherhood – Luke Gabriel 5/19/11. TTC since May08. 3 IUIs (one m/c, one ectopic)

Julia Adam & Julia – Caroline Elizabeth & Adam Blake 5/18/11.TTC since May08. 1 failed IVF. 1 m/c.

Jenn @ Dude, Where’s my baby? – Ella Grace 4/26/11. BFP w/gonal F/ovidrel/IUI. TTC since Feb09.

Middle of the Pack @ Another Barren Blogger – Eve 4/22/11. BFP from IUI#5! TTC since Mar08.

Mel.issa So It Goes – Caroline Mary 4/20/11. TTC#2 since Oct07. 

Theresa @ Inconceivable Journey – Easton David 4/16/11. BFP from FET. TTC since Dec05. 5 m/c or ectopic pregnancies w/ 9 IUIs (Genetic Thrombophilia, MTHFR, NK cells, endo)

Desiree @ Hitting My Stride – Sofia Ines 4/14/11 3 m/c.

Ceejay @ half as many chances – Braxon Emory 4/9/11 TTC since July09 (H.A.)

Natalie @ I was told there would be pajamas – Jack Lucas 3/14/11 TTC about 15 months.

Tarah @ My Lovely Lady Bump – Dayne Spencer 3/8/11 TTC since Sept09. One chem. preg.

Ky @ Two Pretzels Vivienne Kate 1/24/10. Surprise BFP after primary IF with 1st daughter.

Cathy @ Infertility: a Type A’s Nightmare – EK 1/11/11 TTC since Apr09.

Ashley @ For the Love of Shoes…And a Baby Too (Stealing Baby Kisses)- Brayden Samuel Thomas 11/29/10 TTC since Jan09. (Blocked Tubes)

Maggie @ Flux Capacitor – Ever Elizabeth 12/02/10. 1 m/c. Endo.


Pregnant AGAIN!

Steph Blawnde’s Blawg – Surprise BFP (metformin). Chloe Renee 8/10/11. TTC since Apr09 (PCOS) 2 failed IUIs

Kelly Little Looman Log – Surprise Natural BFP! Due 04/04/13. Maggie Grace 5/02/11. TTC since Apr09, 1 ectopic pregnancy.

K @ Our Growing Gardunn – BFP 7/16/12 after IUI. Recurrent m/c (secondary IF). Little girl born July 09 after IUI.

Jenn Adventures of a Nomadic Housewife – BFP 6/2/12 TTC 10 months for #2. Jackson Phillip 08/08/2010 Natural BFP. TTC since 1 m/c in 2005

Bridget @ the lost stork – Surprise Natural BFP 5/20/12 Emily Bonnie 10/25/11. BFP from IVF#1 TTC since Nov09.  1 m/c. 2 failed IUI.



Break from TTC Blogging/Quit Blogging/Living Child Free/Went Private

Emma-leigh @ You + Me = We

Mrs. Sunnyside Up how do you like your eggs? fertilized… – BFP 5/2/12 (IVF#1). TTC since Feb10. PCOS, high LH and testosterone. 1Chem Preg (Met+Clomid).

Shannon @ My Perfect Mess – TTC since late09.

73goldie @ My Journey to Motherhod – TTC for 3+yrs. 3 failed IVF. After IVF @CCRM, baby quit growing. Surprise natural BFP quit growing.

Jay Stork Stalking – One a break.  TTC since Nov09 (PCOS & single – using IUIs). 4 IUIs – 3 m/c & 1 BFN. 1 surrogate IVF cycle also failed.

Allison @ Crews News – TTC since Nov09 (PCOS)

Cait @ From Shopping Bags to Diaper Bags – TTC since Nov09 (PCOS). 3 failed IUI. RE told them too risky to continue with IUIs.

Tristan @ The say all you need is love – BFP 10/28/11 after IUI. TTC since June09 (PCOS). 1 m/c. 1 failed IUI.

Ashlee @ Another Year of Trying – BFP June 30 after IVF#1. TTC since June08. 5 failed IUI. 

Rachel Eggs in a Row – Diagnosed with PCOS June2010. Also Hashimotos and MTHFR Type II. Tubes blocked (100%/75%). Pursuing IVF April 2012.

Arohanui My Cheap Violin – TTC since Dec09 (single). 9 failed IUI. 1 failed IVF. Probably an issue with the doner sperm. 🙁

PCOS Chick @ His & Hers Infertility – Living child free. TTC since Dec08 (PCOS, endo, AZOO)

Hope is a Four Letter Word – Going to use DE from her sister. TTC since Jan09 (anovulatory). 5 failed IUIs. 1 failed IVF (chem preg).

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