Weight Loss

This blog originally started in November 2009 as a journal to help me work through my issues with food. After an incredibly healthy childhood spent running around outdoors and playing sports, I got it in my head that during my sophomore year of college that I could stand to lose a few pounds, and through running and calorie counting, I did it! I weighed in at 147# (a size 8) and looked and felt great. The problem was that I got way too OCD about it all, and whenever I ate too much at a meal, I started purging in order to keep my daily calorie count down. Thus began a decade of battling with bulimia.

Thankfully I’ve been on the winning side of that battle for quite awhile now, and I’m working on getting fit and toned again the healthy way.

For reference, I’m 5’8″ and tend to hover with minimal effort around 160# (a size 12). My highest weight ever (non-pregnancy) was 172#, my happy weight is 150#, and my goal weight is 142#.

If you would like, feel free to join me on my Weekly Wednesday Weigh-Ins and help to keep yourself accountable!


2009.11 – 172# – Highest weight of adult life; my line in the sand
2010.06 – 152# – 10 yr class reunion; feeling great
2011.01 – 167# – Height of infertility weight gain
2011.04 – 161# – BFP#1!
2011.12 – 186# – 38w/Stella’s birthday
2012.01 – 161# – 6w postpartum
2012.02 – 155.5# – 13w postpartum
2013.05 – 161# – BFP#2!
2014.01 – 181# – 40w4d/Harvey’s birthday
2014.03 – 162# – 2m postpartum
2014.05 – 168# – 4m postpartum (eating/drinking my way through grief after my SIL died)
2014.08 – 158# – 7m postpartum

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