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Full Up

The comic You Should’ve Asked by French cartoonist Emma made the rounds on Facebook a few weeks ago, and it SO perfectly sums up my life right now. Go ahead, click on it and read it before you come back here. It’s important. I don’t mean to lay the blame all on my husband – he’s […]


For months now I have been struggling with self confidence when it comes to my body. Throughout my entire adult life there was an “easy to maintain weight” that my 5’8″ medium-framed body seemed to settle out at just by being relatively conscious of my food & exercise. Whenever I’d dial in my nutrition & […]

The Backfire Effect

I just read this comic, and I feel profoundly changed. Go ahead, click over to it, read it until the end, and tell me you don’t feel the same. <3 Photo courtesy of TheOatmeal.com

“Dad Help”

I’m about to post a slight rant for the day. Stella is in her first year of ballet, and the show is next week. It’s quite the production, including dancers from age 3-18, and this year’s show is Cinderella. I’m sure it will be wonderful, and we even purchased 8 tickets in the reserved seating […]

Skin & Diet Changes

For the last two months I have been struggling with the worst acne of my life. I never had it this bad as a teenager or during pregnancy with all of those hormonal shifts, and it is driving me absolutely insane! I’ve also been gaining weight instead of losing (and working out like 6 days […]

Microblog Mondays: 30

Today would have been Jaime‘s 30th birthday. That’s hard to even imagine. One of the hardest parts of Jaime being gone is knowing that Charlie has lost that incredibly close friendship with his little sister and that our kids won’t get to grow up with her in their lives. We were at a birthday party last […]

One Month

Wow. I just went an entire month without posting in this space. That’s by far my longest break in nearly 7 years of blogging. Things were just such a mess for awhile, and I didn’t know what I wanted to share or keep private, and once I got out of the habit of posting, I […]


I hope to write a well thought out post soon, but in the meantime, here are some updates on my insane life lately! *The show last week went SO well. My hair was crazy, the show was crazy, my husband decided at the last minute to come support me, and it was awesome. It resulted […]

Pushing WAY Out of My Comfort Zone

I mentioned last month that this winter I am participating in a fashion show fundraiser event. I’m not even quite sure how to describe this thing. Basically, close to 40 people donate their time to organize the show as it’s a huge fundraiser for the local no-kill animal shelter (which also owns the local thrift […]

Period Underwear

Moist Panties. *shudder*  Isn’t that awful? The words? The thought of it? All of it? It’s awful. And that’s my life since my period returned after I stopped nursing Harvey. I had 1 period in 4 years thanks to (miraculously!) gestating and nursing two babies back to back, and when it returned after those four […]

Top 3 Ways a Tailbone Injury is Comparable to Being 9 Months Pregnant

Getting into your car sucks. I generally approach the vehicle with apprehension, take a deep breath, and then gingerly lower myself into the seat with a groan. Getting out is a close second for difficulty and/or pain. Working out requires constant modifications and sometimes doesn’t feel worth it, even though you know you’ll feel better […]


I’ve seen quite a few posts floating around the internet for the past week talking about people’s “one word” for the year. I started out thinking that it’s really hard to figure out the ONE thing I want to commit to this year, and then it hit me – FOCUS. All day long I am being […]

Emerald Coach

Less than 3 months ago I decided to give coaching with Beachbody a try. I was already using one of their programs and loving it (21 Day Fix), and between the incentive of the coaching discounts and the allure of the accountability of having teammates and customers, I decided to go for it. Let me […]


When Stella was born in December 2011, I knew I wanted to start the tradition of a beautiful ornament for her to add to the tree each year. One of my blog friends (Jill @ Happy Hopefuls) had just written about the gorgeous one she had chosen for her son, and I was so in […]

A Day in the Life – Beachbody Edition

I wrote one of these about a year and a half ago, but I wasn’t exercising at the time and I was still pumping at work and breastfeeding through the night, so my schedule has changed pretty drastically since back then and I figured it was time for a new one. Skip if you want, but […]

Some Days…

Some days you are running behind because both of your kids ended up in your bed at 5:15am (UGH) but somehow they magically both fell back asleep so you cuddled with them until 6:15am until you silently crept out of bed started your workout late. Some days you decide to pack your kid’s school lunch […]


My life. My body. My happiness. So much has changed since I took this picture just one month ago. And I totally love it.

Tiny Tuesday Thoughts

This morning my boss was walking through the front office and I yelled out “Charlie!” to get his attention. The problem? That’s my husband’s name – not my boss’s name. My boss may be young and good looking, but he is most definitely NOT my husband. I turned red enough for both of us, right before […]

Misc Friday Thoughts

Being Nice vs. Being Kind: I just read this short post this morning and thought YEP. That’s my goal in life. Also, I could have written nearly every single word of that post. I love her blog. Definitely go check her out! TTC#3? Thank you for all of the wonderful comments on my post last week […]

On Happiness from Within

I posted a link to this video on my Facebook page Thursday afternoon, and as of writing this post on Thursday night, it has ONE like and zero comments. My BFF who just had a baby in June was the only like. Here is what I wrote as a caption on the post: This resonates […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hillbilly Edition

Well, 6 weeks ago I wrote about my front tooth that Harvey had injured with an insanely painful head-butt at church one day. We were giving it time to hopefully heal on its own, but a couple of weeks later he head-butted me AGAIN while we were at music in the park. I instantly burst into […]

The Tooth

When they (whomever “they” is) determine the cost of raising a child, do they include miscellaneous costs like a $3,000 implant from the oral surgeon that you might need after your 17 month old headbutts you at church and breaks your front tooth? Harumph. Let’s back up. When I was 16, I was in a […]

Miscellaneous Thoughts as We Roll Into Summer

My heart is heavy today because of this story. The little boy is the grandson of a family friend, and it’s looking like it was shaken baby syndrome from the daycare provider. He was 6 months old. His parents have made the impossible choice to take him off life support and donate his organs. I.can.not.fathom.this.tragedy. […]

Parenting without a Leash: Updated Thoughts

I let my 15 month old and 3 year old run around in our fenced in back yard without me all the time – am I really that different from the norm? (Maybe I am?) Over the years I have written a few different posts about my ideals of how I would handle everything from […]


When I was in jr. high, my homeroom teacher called me “Mambles” because he said I mumbled & rambled all day long. The last time I wrote a mambling post was 4.5 years ago, so without further ado…here are a few of my mamblings today. I just booked a plane ticket to visit my sister […]