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To Cut or Not to Cut

When I was pregnant with Stella, we didn’t find of if she was a boy or a girl, and though the topic of circumcision was brought up briefly, I pretty much let it slide because I always felt like she was a girl, and I was banking on Charlie bending to my wishes if she […]

40 Weeks, aka the Final 2ww

Wow… I can’t believe I just titled a post that! I’m officially 2 weeks more pregnant than I’ve ever been, which pretty much blows my mind. I had my weekly prenatal appointment yesterday at my midwife’s house, and I pretty much just sat on his couch moaning I can’t believe I’m still pregnant and here for […]

Words of Wisdom, 39w6d

My sister-in-law’s midwife emailed her these words the day before she gave birth to my nephew. Poignant words to take to heart during this waiting time…  ***** How am I?  Not pregnant, she said with a whisper of regret.  My time is over. But you are. Pregnant now. Gloriously, fully pregnant. And in the fullness of […]

39 Weeks

I just thought I’d post a quick check-in for 39 weeks. There’s still no sign of an impending birthing time for little man… so now we’re down to either 3 hours or 3 weeks, but hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll be meeting him! 

Patience Isn’t My Strong Suit, 38w5d

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m I firm believer that babies are born when they’re ready… but I’m also human, and I’m tired, and I want to meet this little guy already! For the little part of me that is sad that this will be my last pregnancy and last time to enjoy this […]

The Home Stretch, 38w3d

10 Reasons I know I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy… We truly thought I’d go into labor on Christmas Eve because a 38w delivery with contractions starting at night is our only frame of reference. Now we’re both jumpy and anxious every day wondering is this the day or do we really have to wait […]

38 Weeks – Merry Christmas!!

I’m writing this from my couch while my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and Charlie hang out watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Stella is taking a nap after a fun morning of “cooking” in her new kitchen, and my heart is pretty much full. 🙂 I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions pretty regularly, as well as random shooting […]

37 Weeks – Full Term Baby!!

Well, this is a pretty awesome day to celebrate! Last night as my midwife and his wife (and full time birth assistant) walked out of the house after our home visit, she gave me a high-5 and said you made it! It’s a pretty awesome feeling knowing that I’m still low risk, baby is head down and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Birth Without Fear Edition

“Twas another busy weekend in our household, but overall it was a fun one! I spent all day Friday cleaning, organizing, and putting up Christmas decorations because on Saturday, my girlfriend threw me a “fill the freezer” baby shower at my house (huge  props to Arch Mama for the idea!). Basically, my friend wanted to […]

36 Weeks

I wrote weekly posts during my pregnancy with Stella, but somehow this time around has evolved into more of a bi-weekly thing. As I near the end though, I’m thinking it might be time to start checking in more often, just for my own neurotic record keeping purposes. 🙂 I’m trying really hard to keep in […]

35 Weeks

Phew! I had my bi-weekly midwife appointment yesterday at his house, and he sent me home with a birth tub! If that doesn’t make shit feel real, I don’t know what does. My next appointment will be at 37 weeks, and it’s actually the home visit appointment so that my midwife and his wife (and […]

33 Weeks

Well, as I wrote yesterday, I’ve been struggling with a few feelings lately that are kind of driving me nuts. Namely, feeling under pressure (from myself) about wanting everything to go perfectly this time – NOT because I’m in denial that every birthing time is different and that I need to willing and able to go […]

31 Weeks

At my midwife appointment yesterday, I got a little lecture for not eating and drinking enough. Say what?! I’m a hungry pregnant lady who feels like she is eating non-stop and growing like a weed! According to my midwife, I’ve only gained 2# in the past 4 weeks (which isn’t bad for goodness sakes, I’m […]

The Monday Snapshot – Photobomb Edition

Every time that Stella hears my camera shutter go off, she comes running into the room to join in the action. When I take my weekly or monthly belly pictures is no exception – and in fact, they’re usually her favorite pictures to photobomb. 🙂  She tends to stand demurely in the background for 3-4 shots […]

Open, Relax, Release, Peace

This post is my contribution to PAIL’s October 2012 Monthly Theme on Birth Stories. The prompts on this month’s theme asked readers to explore how their birth experience(s) affected their parenting and future plans. I already wrote out my daughter’s birth story in a LONG three part series here right after she was born nearly two years ago. […]

29 Weeks & Our Home Birth Supply List

Well, this is starting to get really real, folks! Yesterday after my 29 week midwife appointment, I walked out with all of my bi-weekly appointments scheduled through the home visit at 37 weeks on December 17th. Eek!  I also had a list in my hands of everything I should start getting together to have on […]

28 Weeks

Oops – it’s been 3 weeks since my last pregnancy update post. I was so good about doing these weekly updates with Stella, but this time around it seems like time just gets away from me. At any rate, I am officially in the 3rd trimester now, no matter how you count it! I don’t […]

Maternity Leave

…aka, the bas-ackwardness of living & procreating in America. As you are probably well aware, there is no mandatory maternity leave provided for those of us in the good ‘ole US of A (much less PAID maternity leave). Something you might not realize is that the FMLA law that requires 12 weeks UNpaid leave be provided to […]

25 Weeks

Well, I officially feel like a teenager. I’m hormonal, struggling with facial acne, gaining weight in weird places, don’t want to get out of bed, and feel like my body isn’t my own. Ha! Even with everything I described above, I honestly still feel pretty darn good, and I plan on holding onto the “golden” phase […]

V-Day: 24 Weeks

This is such an odd milestone of a date to think of celebrating. One one hand, thanks (?) to the ALI community, I’ve been introduced to people who have given birth to preemies and micro-preemies who lived, and reaching this elusive “viability date” means that the baby in my belly  would have a fighting chance […]

Medical Choices During Pregnancy

Before my ALI journey, I had a pretty basic idea of what conception, pregnancy and childbirth entailed. You decided you were ready for a baby, you got pregnant, you went to your appointments and did what the doctor said, you went to the hospital and had your baby. BAM. Easy peasy, right? When things took […]

23 Weeks

Wowzers – time is just getting away from me lately, and honestly, I just haven’t had much to blog about. I’m working on a long, involved post about my research regarding the choices we have regarding all of the testing done during pregnancy, but other than that, I’m really just enjoying this part of the pregnancy […]

21 Weeks – Halfway There!

Phew. It’s pretty surreal to think that even if I go to 42 full weeks (oh please God, no – I sure liked the 38w timeline last time), I am officially half way done with this pregnancy…my last pregnancy. It’s a bittersweet feeling as a person who doesn’t especially like being pregnant, as I’m finally in […]

19 Weeks – The Turning Point!

Well, this has been a really fun couple of weeks in this pregnancy! You never thought I’d say that, did ya? 🙂 The nausea is completely gone (as long as I eat every couple of hours), and the fatigue is much better since we got our new king bed. I LOVE THAT BED. As far […]

One of Each

We have known that there is a penis in my uterus for less than 100 hours (WEIRD), but it has blown me away how many times people have already said to us variations of “perfect! one of each!” or “the perfect family – one boy, one girl!” or “you must be so happy to be having […]