TISW Check-In

Time for the weekly check-in and weigh-in!

163.6# – loss of 1.4# over 2 weeks

Not much for “fun” exercise this week, but at least I got in 1 day of snowboarding and 5 days on the elliptical. I’m consistently a little over in my calories thanks to drinks or bad snacks, so I’m working on adding in better snacks (fruit/veggies). I’m also working on upping my water intake – I used to be awesome and drinking water, but realized lately I’ve been slacking on it, so that’s my #1 thing to improve on this week. Hopefully that will help with some of the bloating from the meds as well. Update from my first follie check coming later today!

Friday: don’t know about calories
5 hrs snowboarding (great calorie burn!)

Saturday: 100 over
45 min. elliptical

Sunday: 259 over
45 min. elliptical

Monday: 442 over
45 min. elliptical + 30 min. walk

Tuesday: 279 over
None – in Denver doing CCRM stuff.

Wednesday: 16 under
45 min. elliptical

Thursday: 121 over
45 min. elliptical

My Fitness Pal (MFP) has me eat 1200 cal/day, and if I exercise, I get “bonus” calories to eat if I want (I usually try to eat some/most of them – the point is to keep your metabolism up and going – they’ve already built in the deficit). That’s what the over/deficit refers to after each day’s title – the “net” calories MFP wants me to eat. When I successfully lost 20# last year, this method worked very well for me. I’m hoping it does again. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Nice job on the weight loss!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good job Jo…you're really sticking to it, even if you don't have 'perfect' days, which will get you to your goal in the end.I'm bad with water too…especially on weekends when I don't have my waterbottle with me at my desk.

  3. 1.4 in two weeks is great! Especially being just a bit over each day. Great job!! I love that you're working out every day. Since i can't work out for two weeks I think I'm going to start walking. I've got to do something to keep up the habit. You're keeping me motivated!!

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