Stella Times…50 Weeks

Dear Stella,

Today is your first Thanksgiving [see more pics here], and that makes me SO excited, because it’s hands down my favorite holiday. It’s all about hanging out with family and friends and being thankful, and BOY are we thankful for you this year. You have made every piece of sadness and heartache over the past few years worth it. We love you SO much.

This past week you learned how to smack your lips, and it’s irritating and adorable all at the same time. You usually do it when you want more food or milk, but you also do it sometimes in the car seat just because you like the sound it makes! Funny girl. πŸ™‚ Daddy made some butterscotch chocolate chips last weekend and we let you have some. Oh my goodness – you were in HEAVEN from all that sugar. Eek! You’re back on a low sugar diet now.

On Tuesday we had another play date with your buddy Liam. I’m so glad you two get along, because his Mommy and I sure love having that time to talk and laugh at the two of you! Partners in crime you’re going to be, we can tell already. πŸ™‚

It was another wonderful week with you in our lives baby.




  1. I love Liam’s outfit – he looks like he’s in jail and Stella’s trying to help him break out!

  2. Oooh!!! My browser just refreshed with your hew header photo. TERRIFIC!

    1. Thanks! We took that on the way up to Thanksgiving yesterday at my in-laws. We live down in town in the valley below and my in-laws live up on the mesa about 10 minutes away. Contemplating using the pic for Christmas Cards, but since very few IRL friends follow this blog I figured I could cheat and put it up here already at least. I love it so much!

      1. Seriously, best background EVER!!! So gorgeous….

  3. Oh the smacking of the lips….you’re so right…annoying and cute…Raegan loves it when I smack mine back at her. Probably not the best idea because it encourages her to do it, but the smile she gives me is so worth it! Can’t believe how grown up our girls are getting!

  4. LOVE the new header picture!! What a BEAUTIFUL view, and Stella is smiling like a natural πŸ™‚

  5. I can’t believe she is going to be a year old soon! I will never forget she was born they day I found out I was pregnant! Wow, how this year flew by.

  6. So cute!! I can’t believe she is almost a year!!! And I love that last pic

  7. Love both the new header picture and that first picture! I also can’t believe she is almost a year – time really does fly!

  8. LOVE the family pic and all those happy smiles:] The first pic is like “hmmm, what will I eat next?” Cute bib and of course a super cute little girl!

  9. Incredible family pic!!!!

  10. How did I miss last week’s post?!? This must be why I felt Stella grew up so much this week!! πŸ˜› haha the lip smacking does sound adorable! That is so great that you have a friend with a little guy around the same age as Stella. Great that you can all hang out together!

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