The Monday Snapshot, Snowboarding Edition

The kids are getting bigger and more independent on the mountain (i.e, my daughter can nearly out-ski me and my son refuses to go up there so he stays home), and one of the cool things about this turn of events is that I can get back on my snowboard instead of my skis! I didn’t mind being on skis when they were little and just learning the ropes, but I was never as comfortable or confident on skis as I am on a snowboard. So, I’m baaaack!

Currently Stella is in a ski club class that goes for 7 Saturdays from 9:15-3:15, so last weekend that meant I had all day to ride with an old friend. We started boarding together 13 years ago, and it was incredibly fun to get up there together again!

Virtual Hugs (FYI - your comment may be held in moderation for me to approve if you have never commented here before - I try to approve as quickly as possible!)

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