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The End of a Season

…quite literally. It’s the end of ski & snowboard season here for our area, and it’s bittersweet. Most of my soul is screaming BRING ON SUMMER, but I’ve honestly really enjoyed my days on the mountain with Stella this year. Harvey, not so much. Maybe next year for him. 😉 Other than our last day up […]

The Show

Yesterday my husband and brother and I were watching the football game when the kids came into the room and asked us to turn off the TV so they could do a show for us. Of course we obliged. 🙂 These are some of my favorite moments in parenting! <3

Parenting Choices

More often than not, I feel like I’m not doing “enough” as a parent. I suppose that is a highly subjective statement, but there are many times I put another show on for the kids so I can finish that last bit of work, or I “mmmhmmm” my way through another story because I’m finishing […]

To Spank or Not to Spank

Um, yes. The dreaded topic of spanking. I guess I’m going there. Full disclaimer – I was raised in a non-spanking household, and I always swore I would never spank my own children. We were raised with a lot of talks from parents who disciplined by telling us they were “disappointed in [us] for choosing […]


This morning Stella and I were walking out the door at 7:45am and I was patting myself on the back for having my shit together and being on time for once. 7:46 – see random piece of paper on the counter as I walk out that says “Halloween Party Tomorrow! Preschoolers can wear their costumes […]

Expectations & Reality

It’s been a rough few days in our house because of some money drama going on. Basically, our new-to-us $12,000 truck that we still owe nearly $9k on suddenly needs $11,500 of repairs to get it to run again…money that we don’t have. Um, not cool. At any rate, Charlie and I have handled it […]

The Accident

I will preface this post by saying that Harvey is okay. Thank the Lord. This morning I got to spend just 45 minutes with the kids before heading to work at 8am. I’ve been gone since 4am last Saturday and returned home last night at 10pm (SUCH a fantastic vacation – I’ll post more about […]

Parenting without a Leash: Updated Thoughts

I let my 15 month old and 3 year old run around in our fenced in back yard without me all the time – am I really that different from the norm? (Maybe I am?) Over the years I have written a few different posts about my ideals of how I would handle everything from […]

Am I Irresponsible for Sharing Pictures of my Kids Online?

Is sharing pictures of your children online irresponsible? Reckless? Disrespectful? Or are those accusations complete overreactions by parents who are control freaks? ***** My friend Lauren wrote a post last week entitled Should I Share My Kid’s Photos on Facebook? Because I know how private she is about sharing her (long awaited!) daughter’s image online, I knew […]

Parenting without a Leash

Over at PAIL, I was the moderator in charge of November’s Monthly Theme Post Topic regarding “how long is your leash?” My thought process behind the prompt was to find out if people felt their ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) backgrounds affected their parenting styles, or if it had just evolved as a natural facet of who they […]

Open, Relax, Release, Peace

This post is my contribution to PAIL’s October 2012 Monthly Theme on Birth Stories. The prompts on this month’s theme asked readers to explore how their birth experience(s) affected their parenting and future plans. I already wrote out my daughter’s birth story in a LONG three part series here right after she was born nearly two years ago. […]

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Courtney wrote a great post yesterday about how Everything is Temporary. She talked about her laid back parenting philosophy, and I’d have to say that I have somehow ended up the same way. I’m not an especially laid back person in general, but in parenting? Meh. We pretty much roll with the punches in our […]

High Standards?

The current monthly theme post topic over at PAIL is all about “high standards” — and asking how/if coming to parenting from an ALI background affected the standards you hold yourself to as a parent.  When I first read the post, my gut reaction was “TOTALLY.” But then I started thinking about it more, and […]

Discipline Advice

Okay, this is something I was sort of dragging my feet on researching anything about, and now suddenly the time is here. When my MIL picked up Stella from daycare on Tuesday, the daycare provider let her know that Stella had been hitting the other kids. HITTING. I mean, I know it’s her gentle pats […]

One Year In

Courtney at All the Sun for You posted recently about the top 10 things she was surprised to realize about herself as a parent, and then she challenged us all to write our own lists and link back. Here is my contribution! The top 10 things I’ve learned about myself as a parent thus far…  1) […]