On the up side…

…I’m sticking to my eating/workout plan so far (I know I know – this is only day 4, but I already feel a lot better about myself!).  Counting calories is so annoying, but I’m totally Type A and I know that it works for me when I bother to do it.  Only problem is I end up eating the same thing over and over because I get tired of figuring out new calorie counts.  Big goal this time is to have a whole selection of dinners that I can make that both Hubby and I will love that will stay in my calorie range.  It’s a bitch, but somebody has gotta do it!  Also working out in the mornings again – even RAN this morning.  HFS, right?  It’s such a love/hate relationship for me, but I think it will be a good thing to keep trying to work on my running interspersed with my elliptical machine (once it arrives).  My new Chiropractor (LOVE HER) assured me that she can get my knee working again in no time so I can actually run without pain.  I hope she’s right!!!


  1. Okay, you are inspiring me. I will get up tomorrow and get to the gym. I'm going at 7:00 am. I haven't gone in two days and I'm running out of excuses because I sure as shit could have gotten my ass up earlier to get it in. No more lame excuses!

  2. Good deal. 🙂 How was your workout this morning??I did the Shred and ran again…MAN running is tough on my right knee. Sucks! Felt good to be out in the morning air though!

  3. It was nice and cool this morning so I got a little bit of a run/walk in with the dog. I had an unexpected meeting this morning so I couldn't make it all the way to the gym but tomorrow morning..it's on! P.S. What's the Shred?

  4. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (Jillian is one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser). It's just a workout DVD that has three different levels… you do level one the first 10 days, and so on and so forth… it's a 2 min. warm up, 3 sets of 3 min. strength training, 2 min. cardio, 1 min. abs, and then 2 min. cool down… 22 minutes total, and it's a pretty good workout!

  5. I always said that if I went on that show that I would need Jillian because she wouldn't let me bitch out. I wouldn't like her, but she would be exactly what I would need. I'll check out that DVD. I bet it's awesome.

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