I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but we tried to switch to a new insurance company this past month. We’ve been with Assurant for years, and as of September our rate lock expired and our premiums were going up a gazillion percent (32% if I remember right – from $375 or so to $525 or so). Um, yeah, NOT good.

Long story short, we were going to switch to a different company that covered more things upfront before the deductible, drop the maternity rider that we’ve been paying on for two years already, and count on a state program that has to accept pregnant women if that day ever comes for me. Nice of my insurance guy to tell me that was an option 2 years ago when he tacked the $182/month maternity rider on, eh? Good thing he gets paid on commission. UGH. It was going to be a great option for us though.

Well, even “better” news – now that I’ve even seen an Ob/Gyn about TTC issues, even without an official diagnosis of IF, I now am considered “high risk” (b/c I’m more likely to try ART and therefore have preemies that will require more care) and will be denied coverage by ANY OTHER insurance company until the day comes (hopefully) where I deliver a healthy full-term child. 
Are you fucking kidding me?
So now we’re stuck with Assurant, tons of deductibles to meet, and no chance of switching elsewhere. Insurance in our country blows. 
I’m moving to Canada.


  1. What a flipping joke. This is part of the stuff that makes me so angry about healthcare. Now with Obama's new healthcare plan (there are things I agree and disagree with in that plan) all insurance rates are going up NOW instead of 2014. Make me so ANGRY!!gah!!!Sorry hun 🙁

  2. I agree with Melissa – what a joke. My insurance doesn't cover any IF stuff either, but at least our premiums every month aren't so high. Just another kick in the ass for people like us.

  3. ugh. THAT is ridiculous. I am sorry that you have to deal with dickass insurance companies. grr

  4. This totally sucks babe. I hate insurance companies. They all can suck it. But don't move to Canada, got to Norway so you can get the at home assistance after the baby comes. Should I ever win lotto I will send you a nice chunk to pay for your baby.

  5. I fucking hate insurance companies. There's nothing that gets me riled up more than their stupid rules and the fact that all they care about is making MONEY – not my health, or anyone elses.I'll come with you to Canada.

  6. This is absurd!!!

  7. Why, oh why, does something so trivial as health insurance have to screw up our lives so much? Seriously, I feel like almost every decision we've made in the past few years has somehow been affected by health insurance (which is a slight exaggeration, but still). I'm very sorry about this. It totally sucks and I hate that you have to deal with it.

  8. Ugh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else. I still can't believe how awful insurance can be. It just doesn't make sense. I just hope you're able to use that maternity leave soon xo

  9. @Amanda – HAHAHA. Yeah, see, you're a Canuk and assume ppl get that Maternity Leave thing. Another reason to move to Canada. 🙂 Not so much here. I'll get zero paid days for maternity leave. Zero unpaid days off (that they're required to give me and give me my job back). Nothing. Again, I hate insurance. America's system is broken, and it drives me BONKERS. I'm actually pro-Obamacare, but I feel like half the GOOD stuff in that bill got cut b/c of extremist right-wing propogana b.s. But that's a different discussion for a different day…

  10. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog – I hope you and your husband enjoy the beef stroganoff! 🙂 Just wanted to tell you that I'm also infertile – amazing how many of us are out there, isn't it? Our infertility is due to my PCOS…I'm not doing things as natural as you are though – I'm on injectables with IUI! Anyways, I just wanted to wish you luck on this crazy journey. Hopefully it will end for both of us very soon!

  11. The Health Care Reform Bill is sadly why your rates shot up. Everyone is trying to make a big profit now before they're regulated. However, the bill also outlaws gender-based discrimination in coverage, meaning companies cannot charge women higher rates, so things like "maternity riders" should soon be illegal.Either way, the whole health insurance industry is a farce and should have been done away with completely.

  12. That totally SUCKS! Insurance is ridiculous with IF. We're paying EVERYTHING out of pocket…I've tracked every single little expense including the $1.47 is cost to send a fax of my prescription in.

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