My New Favorite Blog…or, of France and other things.

Thank you ICLW for helping me to stumble upon my new favorite blog!!!

It combines so much of me. My hopes, my fears, my joys, my longings… and not just about IF. About marriage. About family. About travel. About work.

Marie (Bakery Closed Until Further Notice) is an amazing writer…and she doesn’t completely overuse ellipses and smiley faces like I do. Check her out. For goodness sakes – she’s coined the word “Pregdar.” Don’t even pretend you don’t have it. 🙂


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww, thanks lady.It's good to find another francophile. And you know Quincampoix?! I think I'm in love…

  2. Oh man, now you've got me hooked too!

  3. Wow, amazing writing!

  4. I love Bakery Closed, too! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you're hooked and I'm adding you to my blogroll.AP

  5. Agreed! Marie is awesome!

  6. Agreed! Marie is awesome!

  7. ICLWYes I defiantly have "Pregdar", an unfortunate side effect is calling out people at work before they're ready to announce it because when I can tell at 6-8 weeks, it's too soon for them.

  8. I love ICLW… for just that very reason. I always find a new favourite. 🙂

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